About Owner Actions

Owner Actions is a resource designed to help every business owner succeed. It’s the result of deep research, expert insight, and the founders’ own experiences with business ownership.

“We’ve seen, firsthand, how tough it is to start or buy a business and grow it in the current market,” said Mark Fleming, CEO and co-founder of Owner Actions.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and seasoned entrepreneur, Mark sought to create a resource that made the processes of buying or selling a business far easier.

“As we began mapping out a better way to buy or sell a business, we realized how the resource we were creating—this complete, all-in-one guide—could be tailored to help startup entrepreneurs, people buying franchises, people focused on growth and running their businesses day to day, and even those who are just ready to close their doors and leave their businesses behind.”

His co-founder, Katie Fleming, the company’s COO, took on the work of creating hundreds of articles around the specific actions owners need to take to achieve their goals.


A desk with an open laptop, a phone, pens, and a notepad reminding an owner to check out Owner Actions

“We didn’t want Owner Actions to be another generic blog site. It needed to be hyper-customized to meet owners right where they are and help them find their next steps,” Katie said.

Katie, a professional writer and an experienced business development pro, heads up content creation and the day-to-day work that goes into making Owner Actions a best-in-class resource for business owners.

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Now, Owner Actions has become the to-do list business owners love to use, but it also helps owners find tools and systems to run their businesses and pros who can help them with any step they need to take on.

“We’re eager to keep championing small business owner and offer services that will help them take on the challenges they face as they start, scale, or sell their businesses,” Katie said. “Business owners are ready to take action, and we want to light up their path.”

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