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Blank price tags to illustrate how you might set the right prices for your products or services.

How to Set the Right Prices for Your Products and Services

The formula to set prices is easy. First, sum up your costs per unit. Then, add a reasonable profit margin. …

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Owner Actions Connect: Human Resource Managers

Looking for a human resource manager who can take on your business's people-related tasks? Consider these options: Owner Actions is …

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A business professional climbs an line-drawn staircase to emphasize how small business loans can help people climb to higher tiers of success.

How to Use Loans and Lines of Credit to Help Your Business Grow

After covering startup costs, many owners struggle to find the capital they need to go after new opportunities or invest …

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A small business accountant holds a calculator

Thinking of Hiring an Accountant? Start Here.

Every business has accounting needs. There are financial standards, valuations, and tax concerns to keep up with and work through. …

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A person sitting at a desk with a computer, notepad, and calculator works through some key business ratios.

The Ratios You Need to Measure Your Business’s Success

How do you know when your business is succeeding? You might look at the number of sales you make. Or, …

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A person at a computer thinks about using her retirement account to fund her new franchise unit.

How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your New Franchise

There are many ways to attain the funding you need to purchase a franchise unit. But if the idea of …

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A man sitting at a computer thinks about using his retirement savings for his business acquisition.

How to Use Your Retirement Savings to Fund Your Business Acquisition

You have many options for attaining the funding you need to finance a business acquisition. But if the idea of …

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A person types on a computer keyboard to search for franchise opportunities

How to Find Franchise Opportunities That Suit Your Skills, Interests, Goals, and Budget

Many sites list franchise opportunities, making it easy for prospective owners like you to find and compare options. But, sometimes, …

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A person holds a credit card she obtained for business expenses.

Small Business Basics: Attaining a Business Credit Card

Obtaining a business bank account is important, but you should also consider signing up for a business credit card to …

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Hundred dollar bills stand on a table, representing the money that could be attained through small business grants

Small Business Financing 101: Small Business Grants

Too many people tell small business owners that they can't attain grants. But the truth is that there are quite …

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Three people work together to form a business strategy

Your Go-to Guide to Creating a Business Strategy

No matter where you are in your ownership journey, you must create a business strategy. Your strategy should do more …

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An approved stamp is used on a patent or trademark application

What You Need to Know to File Your Business’s Patent and Trademark Documents

If you’ve developed a unique product or a design, you should take steps to protect it. Filing for a patent …

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A person completes paperwork to open a small business bank account

Small Business Basics: Attaining a Business Bank Account

Every small business needs a bank account. It's key for spending money on your business or accepting money from customers. …

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Venture capital professionals shake hands with a business owner

Small Business Financing 101: Venture Capital

When you’re looking into financing options for your small business, you may wonder whether venture capital should be part of …

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A person selling a business reviews the sales agreement she'll sign to transfer ownership to a buyer.

Selling Your Business? You'll Need a Sales Agreement.

One of the final pieces of selling your business is signing off on the sales agreement. Once your buyer has …

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Planning is the best way to create great business tours for prospective buyers.

Business Tours for Prospective Buyers

One of the ways prospective buyers will size up your business is by touring your site. In this article, we’ll …

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A person hands a key to two business buyers who are ready to take ownership of a small business

Close the Deal: The 11 Things You Need to Take Ownership of a Small Business

A great deal of work goes into finding a small business to buy. Once you’ve found one, completed the due …

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A business broker smiles while talking on a phone

Smart Strategies for Finding a Business Broker

When you’re selling a business, you might choose to work with a business broker, a professional with experience in marketing …

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A person who plans to buy a business sits on a couch and reviews the sales agreement.

Buy a Business: The Sales Agreement

After you’ve found a business to buy, evaluated its viability, and negotiated its terms, your attorney will draft a sales …

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A person reads a document to review the terms of a sales agreement

The Terms of Your Sales Agreement to Buy a Business

After you’ve sourced a business, evaluated its viability, and negotiated its terms, your attorney will draft a sales agreement that …

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A person signs documents to make a business deal official

Close the Deal: 11 Things You Need to Take Ownership of a Small Business

A great deal of work goes into finding a business to buy. Once you’ve found one, completed the due diligence …

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A seller, a new owner, and a team of professionals work through the steps of completing a sale of a business

Your Go-to Guide to Completing the Sale of Your Business

Completing the sale of your business is a major milestone. In this article, we’ll explain the last step—the closing process …

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A person sitting in a modern office reviews the terms of an earnout for the sale of his business.

What an Earnout Means for the Sale of Your Business

When you put your business up for sale, you might receive offers that include terms for an earnout. An earnout …

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A dial with the label Web Traffic encourages website owners to use analytics to drive traffic.

Solution Finder: Website Analytics Programs

How is your website performing? We should all be asking this question on a regular basis, any time changes are …

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Business signs can draw attention to a business. Here, one hangs on the exterior of a building.

How to Design and Print Interior and Exterior Signs

Roadside signs, building-mounted signs, and interior signs can help you make a great first impression for your business. In this …

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Small business healthcare insurance forms lay on a desk ready to be completed.

Your Go-to Guide to Setting Up Healthcare Benefits

Is your small business looking into healthcare insurance? This could be a smart move. It's one of the most sought-after …

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A man is looking at his computer as he works through the retirement plan selection process.

Retirement Plan Selection: How to Find the Best Option for Your Business

Retirement plan selection is a task you can't afford to get wrong. Here's why. Retirement savings plans are one of …

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A person at a cash register studies her small business sales tax requirements

Understanding Small Business Sales Tax

The United States doesn’t levy a federal sales tax, but many of its states do. And within those states, various …

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A person completes forms to acquire the small business licenses that are needed to run a business

Small Business Basics: Permits and Licenses

Do you need permits or licenses to run your business? You might, depending on your line of work, location, and …

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A business person holds a mobile phone and completes a calendar to plan a business's social media calendar

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

The world of social media is constantly in flux with new platforms, new algorithms, and new trends. Staying on top …

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Owner Actions Connect: CFO

Looking for a outsourced CFO? Consider these options: Owner Actions is in no way affiliated with these providers, and we …

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A storefront that may be one element an owner should consider when developing a plan for financing a franchise

Your Go-to Guide to Financing the Purchase of a Franchise

Franchise fees, real estate, equipment, and inventory are some of the many costs you’ll need to cover when starting a …

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A small business owner experiments with marketing channels.

Marketing Channels That Can Help Your Business Grow

Many small business owners succeed when they experiment with marketing channels to spread awareness of their brand. You can, too. …

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Host a grand opening event to celebrate your first day of operations.

Celebrate Opening Day for Your Franchise

Lots of work goes into starting a franchise unit, and your opening day is a milestone achievement. To celebrate, think …

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A person uses a 3D printer and creates a product prototype before starting large-scale production.

How to Create a Product Prototype

Producing a product? It’s a great idea to start with a prototype. This will help you experience it and understand …

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A person sits on the ground outside with a computer in her lap, working as an absentee franchise owner

Can I Be a Franchise Owner Without Working Onsite?

Most franchises ask owners to work a minimum number of hours onsite each week. Many want their owners to commit …

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A person sitting at a design thinks through his website design strategy.

How to Design Your Website to Amplify Your Brand

Your business’s website is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Once a tool to list the products …

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A person shakes hands to buy a business from another person to attain a competitive edge

How Buying a Business Can Give You a Competitive Edge

As a business owner, you know the importance of growth. You may already be growing organically through increased awareness, by …

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A picture containing cloudsDescription automatically generated

Expand Your Business into a New Region

Want to expand your business (or overcome stalls in growth)? You might look to new markets to extend your reach …

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One of a business's authorized signers prepares to sign a contract

Using Authorized Signers for Your Business

As your business grows, you may need some assistance navigating the everyday tasks of operations, including signing checks, paying bills, …

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A person presses a pay key on a keyboard to apply discount codes

Considering Discount Codes for Your Business?

A 2020 survey found that 88 percent of consumers in the United States used coupons or discount codes when shopping …

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A group of professionals sits at a table and listens to an investor pitch

The Pitch: Keys to Winning Over Investors and Others

Most small businesses rely on outside sources of funding, especially when they’re starting up or ramping up to expand their …

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A person sits at a desk working on writing an employee handbook

Why You Need an Employee Handbook for Your Small Business

Your employee handbook outlines the rules and expectations you, the employer, have for your team members. Your handbook should inform …

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A red apple lays in a pile of green apples to signify how important it is to set your business apart

Brand Differentiation 101: How to Set Your Business Apart

It can be tough for customers to distinguish between two rival brands, especially when the price points, products, and services …

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Two people use low-stress strategies can help you reduce your labor costs.

Simple Strategies to Reduce Labor Costs

Labor costs may be one of your biggest expenses. And, if you're like many business owners, this could be a …

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A team of people celebrate when hearing about their small business benefits

Small Business Benefits: Your Guide to Getting Started

One of the best ways to attract and retain employees is by offering them benefits. In this article, you’ll learn …

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Two people bump fists as they work through a seller financing arrangement

Why Seller Financing Can Be a Great Source of Capital

Seller financing is often a great option for financing a business acquisition. Sometimes called a seller’s note, this form of …

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An attorney sits at a desk ready to help with an acquisition.

The Right Attorney for Your Acquisition

Buying a business? It's a must to include an attorney on your team, especially as you work through the complex …

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Risk scares a group of business buyers.

Too Much Risk: The Parts of Your Business That Will Scare Off Potential Buyers

Many prospective business buyers are risk-averse. They’re quick to spot the threats, red flags, and uncertainties that could impact a …

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A business owner and an attorney sit at a desk discussing the letter of intent they drafted

Why You Need a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Purchase a Business

When you find a business you'd like to purchase, your attorney will draft a letter of intent (LOI) to indicate …

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A person sits at a desk with an open portfolio wondering about the mistakes he might make when buying a business

The Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying a Business

From overlooking key issues to making missteps in negotiations, most first-time business buyers make mistakes when buying a business. In …

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A person at a desk is looking at his computer screen to learn about the fundamentals of buying a business

The Fundamentals of Buying a Business

Many professionals dream of owning a business. But when they consider the costs of startup, the time that’s required, the …

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How to Connect with the Owner of Your Target Business

Your research, conversations with key industry players, and searches on business listing sites should help you find some high-potential businesses …

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A person holds a pen and a magnifying glass to evaluate a business for acquisition

Preliminary Due Diligence: Evaluate a Business for Acquisition

It can be exciting to find a small business that meets your criteria for acquisition. But before pressing forward with …

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A person with a clipboard reviews the actions they plan to take as the new owner of a business

Post-Transition: The Actions You Need to Take As the New Owner of a Business

You’ve spent months searching for a business to buy, pouring through financials, negotiating offers, and navigating financing. Now you’ve closed …

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A man and a woman standing in an office partner to buy a business.

Find a Partner to Buy a Business

Thinking of finding a partner to buy a business with? There are lots of reasons to choose this option. Partners …

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A prospective buyer sits facing a seller, attempting to negotiate to buy a business

How to Negotiate to Buy a Business

Once you’ve found a business that meets your criteria and you’ve vetted it with your accountant and attorney, you'll start …

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A person at a computer considers using his 401(k) for financing his new business.

How to Use 401(k) Financing for Your Business Acquisition

You have many options for attaining the funding you need to finance a business acquisition. But if the idea of …

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A board of directors table has seats waiting to be filled.

How to Elect Your Business’s Board of Directors

Is your business a public company? If so, it will need a board of directors that represents its shareholders’ interests. …

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A professional uses an SBA loan to buy a business.

Consider Using an SBA Loan to Buy a Business

SBA loans are one of the most commonly used ways to finance the purchase of a business. Named after the …

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An attorney and a business buyer review documents to complete due diligence before completing an acquisition

Due Diligence for Buying a Business

In the due diligence process, you’ll review the ins and outs of the business you intend to buy. You’ll gather …

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A manager practices strategies to motivate his employees

Motivate Your Employees with These Simple Practices

You’ve likely heard the statistics on employee engagement in the workplace. Or, you may have had your own struggles rallying …

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A person sits at a computer attempting to register a business with a state

Small Business Basics: How to Register Your Business with State and Local Governments

After selecting your business’s name and choosing its structure, you may need to register your business with your state and …

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A manager and an employee work through one of their regular performance evaluations

Best Practices for Employee Performance Evaluations

Does your business conduct performance evaluations for its employees? If so, your team is likely benefiting. Employee performance evaluations can …

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A person sitting at a desk plans to change his business structure

Consider Changing Your Business Structure

When you formed your business, you may have pictured what your business could become and chose a business structure that …

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A person sitting at a table listens patiently on the phone while attempting to collect business receivables.

Manage Your Business: How to Collect Your Business Receivables

Looking for better strategies to collect overdue business receivables? In this guide, we’ll help you establish procedures that will eliminate …

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The interior of an office building

Find Your State or Territory Labor Office

Have you hired employees? Do you plan to do so in the near future? If so, be sure to connect …

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A business owner standing in front of her business thinks about selling it on her own, without relying on a broker.

When You Can Sell Your Business Without a Broker—and When You Really Shouldn’t

Selling your business alone is no easy feat, but with the right amount of research and an eager commitment to …

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An accountant sitting at a desk in an office is ready to help an owner sell a business

How to Find an Accountant Who Can Help You to Sell Your Business

An accountant can play an important role in helping you sell your business. They can organize your company’s financials and …

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A business buyer connects with two business owners to buy a business that's not for sale

Buy a Business That Is Not for Sale

Lots of business owners get their start by chasing down an idea and building a business around it. Many others …

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A new restaurant kitchen that is financed through asset-backed financing

Why Choose Asset-Backed Financing?

There are many ways to finance a business. One that few business owners consider is asset-backed financing. Many banks and …

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A business owner sets up a data room

Set Up a Data Room to Sell Your Business

When selling your business, potential buyers will want to view some of your core business documents. Financial, procedure, and personnel …

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A store owner turns an open sign for her grand reopening celebration.

Grand Reopening: Create the Hype You Need to Make Your First Day a Success

Closing on your new business is a major achievement. Celebrate it by planning a grand reopening event that reintroduces your …

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Solution Finder: Fleet Management Systems

It isn’t easy to oversee a fleet of vehicles—or the drivers who operate them. Your carefully planned schedules can change …

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A group of managers work on ideas for collaborations

Build Your Customer Base through Collaborations

Of all the ways to grow your business, one of the simplest is setting up collaborations with people who work …

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A person sits happily looking at a computer after watching his business credit score improve.

Build Your Business Credit Score with These Simple Steps

Lenders, creditors, suppliers, and insurance companies may be looking at your business credit score. Why? Often, it's to check on …

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A person holding a tablet stands by a stack works to reduce technology downtime for a business

Take Steps to Reduce Technology Downtime

Network infrastructure downtime is sometimes unavoidable. Even the most advanced networks in the world at places like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, …

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Solution Finder: Internet Security

Every day, businesses—big and small—are hit by viruses, hacking attempts, and phishing attempts. The costs to undo the damages they …

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An attorney meets with a small business owner.

Every Small Business Needs an Attorney. Here's Why.

An attorney can be an invaluable member of your team, especially as you work through the complex parts of starting …

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Sixteen headshots of people who could represent a business's customer personas

Why You Need to Develop Customer Personas

Businesses that excel in meeting their customers’ needs have one thing in common. They know their customers deeply. They understand …

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A person sitting at a computer decides whether to invest in a distressed business.

Is a Distressed Business a Good Opportunity?

You can find distressed businesses in every industry. Some can be great opportunities, especially if they can be bought for …

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Two people sit at a desk discussing buy-sell agreements

A Primer on Buy-Sell Agreements and Buy-Sell Insurance

Are you a co-owner or a partner in a small business? If so, you might consider buy-sell agreements or a …

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A business owner sits at a desk with a computer, thinking about strategies to reduce estate taxes.

Strategies Every Business Owner Should Consider to Reduce Estate Taxes

As your business grows, it's likely you'll start thinking to the future—to the sale of your business and to the …

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Security cameras improve the security of a business

Site Security: How to Protect Your Business Location

Theft and vandalism are two problems that could drive up costs for your business. There are costs to replacing what’s …

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A person's hand and pen are shown working on a tax form

How to Reduce Your Tax Liability When Selling Your Small Business

Taxes are an important factor in the sale of any small business. Here's why: Proceeds owners receive from the sale …

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A person with a magnifying glass and a pen works through an offer for a small business

Preliminary Due Diligence: Steps to Should Take Before Making an Offer on a Small Business

It can be exciting to find a small business that meets your criteria for acquisition. But before pressing forward with …

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A person in an office smiles while considering a franchise model to grow his business

Grow Your Business with a Franchise Model

Have you developed a business with a winning concept, solid strategy, and scalable model? You might consider franchising it. In …

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A factory worker engages in practices to optimize production

Best Practices to Optimize Your Production Line

Want to build smarter products, realize cost savings, or remove complexities? In this article, we share some of the practices …

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Manufacturing standards can be set to improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your manufacturing floor.

Incorporating Manufacturing Standards in Your Production

Manufacturing standards can help your business produce products in the most efficient, safe, and sustainable ways possible. Designed well, your …

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There are strategies to keep in mind when paying your business broker.

Points to Keep in Mind When Paying Your Business Broker

Brokers play an important role in the sale of your business, and most are compensated when the work is complete. …

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People standing in a warehouse hold tablet computers that run inventory management systems

Solution Finder: Inventory Management Systems

Looking for real-time inventory visibility? There are lots of systems that can help you track what you have on hand, …

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A person looks down at a binder on a desk to plan how to collect money owed to a business

Strategies to Collect the Money Your Business Is Owed Before Closing Your Doors

When you’re closing your business, one of the most important steps you should take is claiming your business’s outstanding accounts …

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A person at a computer is on the phone working with a ROBS advisor to set up a rollover as business startup from his 401(k).

Small Business Financing 101: How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your Small Business Startup

Many small business startups rely on loans for their early capital needs. But if the idea of hefty loans and …

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A person carries a stack of folders that may be useful in helping a business buyer complete the due diligence process.

Assist the Buyer of Your Business Through the Due Diligence Process

Before making an offer for your business, most buyers will ask for a period of due diligence. This block of …

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A pile of thumbs up buttons

How to Set Up Social Media for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a local shop or an e-commerce store, establishing your business’s social media presence is vital. Now, it’s more …

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A life preserver floats in water, representing the importance of the protection afforded through small business insurance

Small Business Basics: Insurance

Have you thought about the types of insurance your business will need? If you haven't, take time right now to …

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Attendees listen to a speaker during a franchisor training session

Franchisor Training: What to Expect

After signing your franchise agreement, you can enroll in franchisor training. This is a program your franchisor may offer to …

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A franchise unit owner works with a loan officer to obtain a loan for construction

How to Attain Financing for Franchise Construction or Renovation

There are many costs to starting a franchise unit. After the franchise fee, one of the most significant costs is …

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A designer works on creating a logo for a business.

How to Create a Logo for Your Brand

Your business’s logo screams a message about your brand. It tells your audience if you’re legitimate, demonstrates that you’re in …

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A retail storefront that could be an optimal small business location

Location Can Be the Make-or-Break Factor for Your Business’s Success

For on-the-go businesses, such as roofing companies, concrete designers, or cleaning businesses, a facility's location is important. A central location …

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