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A business owner sitting at a table counts piles of money from a grant she's won

Small Business Financing 101: Small Business Grants

Too many people tell small business owners that they can't attain grants. But the truth is that there are quite …

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A person sitting at a design thinks through his website design strategy.

How to Design Your Website to Amplify Your Brand

Your business’s website is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Once a tool to list the products …

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A picture containing cloudsDescription automatically generated

Expand Your Business into a New Region

Want to expand your business (or overcome stalls in growth)? You might look to new markets to extend your reach …

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Cash piles grow from passive income streams for a business.

How to Build Passive Sources of Income for Your Business

Most often, your revenue will come from delivering high-quality products or services to your customers. But, sometimes, you can boost …

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A person presses a pay key on a keyboard to apply discount codes

Considering Discount Codes for Your Business?

A 2020 survey found that 88 percent of consumers in the United States used coupons or discount codes when shopping …

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A group of professionals sits at a table and listens to an investor pitch

The Pitch: Keys to Winning Over Investors and Others

Most small businesses rely on outside sources of funding, especially when they’re starting up or ramping up to expand their …

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A picture containing text, computer, computer, personDescription automatically generated

Social Media Campaigns: How to Track Your Success

Using social media for your business is vital, but it’s not enough to simply post content. You need to track …

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A person shakes hands to buy a business from another person to attain a competitive edge

How Buying a Business Can Give You a Competitive Edge

As a business owner, you know the importance of growth. You may already be growing organically through increased awareness, by …

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A team of professionals work through their first board meeting.

How to Hold Your First Board Meeting

One of the first things you’ll need to do after incorporating your business is arrange your first board meeting. This …

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A woman is struggling to juggle tasks because she needs to delegate her work.

Learn to Delegate Business-Critical Tasks

Many small business owners find it hard to delegate tasks, not only because their business is a product of their …

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A team of people celebrate when hearing about their small business benefits

Small Business Benefits: Your Guide to Getting Started

One of the best ways for your small business to attract and retain an employee is by offering them benefits. …

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A person holding a tablet reads about competitive analysis

Conduct Your Own Competitive Analysis in Ten Simple Steps

Competitive analysis can help you identify your competitors, find out what and how they’re selling to their customer base, and …

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A business owner and an attorney sit at a desk discussing the letter of intent they drafted

Why You Need a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Purchase a Business

When you find a business you'd like to purchase, your attorney will draft a letter of intent (LOI) to indicate …

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A person sitting at a desk reflects on the pros and cons of buying a business

The Pros and Cons of Buying an Established Business

Before you decide whether buying a business is the right path for you, take some time to learn about the …

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A person at a desk is looking at his computer screen to learn about the fundamentals of buying a business

The Fundamentals of Buying a Business

Wondering how to buy a business? Many people do, especially when they see the benefits others have achieved by taking …

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A smiling hostess welcomes customers who find her restaurant.

Help Your Customers Find Your Restaurant

Your site is selected. Your team is in place. You've got a killer concept and a menu to match. All …

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A board of directors table has seats waiting to be filled.

How to Elect Your Business’s Board of Directors

Is your business a public company? If so, it will need a board of directors that represents its shareholders’ interests. …

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A person talks on the phone to find businesses for sale

How to Find Businesses That Are for Sale

Maybe you've heard about the benefits of buying a small business, and you've even decided which kinds of operations you …

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A person sits at a computer attempting to register a business with a state

Small Business Basics: How to Register Your Business with State and Local Governments

After selecting your business’s name and choosing its structure, you may need to register your business with your state and …

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A manager and an employee work through one of their regular performance evaluations

Best Practices for Employee Performance Evaluations

Does your business conduct performance evaluations for its employees? If so, your team is likely benefiting. Employee performance evaluations can …

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A person uses a computer to register in business directories

Directories That Can Help Others Find Your Business

Yellow pages and Who’s Who lists may not be relevant for your business today. Instead, there are many other directories …

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A person holds a credit card she obtained for business expenses.

Small Business Basics: Attaining a Business Credit Card

Obtaining a business bank account is important, but you should also consider signing up for a business credit card to …

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A new restaurant kitchen that is financed through asset-backed financing

Why Choose Asset-Backed Financing?

There are many ways to finance a business. One that few business owners consider is asset-backed financing. Many banks and …

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Two people sitting at a table read through some franchise requirements.

Studying Your Target Franchise’s Requirements

Every franchise has a set of requirements prospective owners must meet to begin the ownership process. In this article, you'll …

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A person types on a computer keyboard to search for franchise opportunities

How to Find Franchise Opportunities That Suit Your Skills, Interests, Goals, and Budget

Many sites list franchise opportunities, making it easy for prospective owners like you to find and compare options. But, sometimes, …

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A person sits on a couch and reads a franchise disclosure document

Your Guide to Reading a Franchise Disclosure Document

When you're evaluating a franchise for purchase, one of the documents the franchisor will share with you is the franchise …

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A group of managers work on ideas for collaborations

Build Your Customer Base through Collaborations

Of all the ways to grow your business, one of the simplest is setting up collaborations with people who work …

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Sixteen headshots of people who could represent a business's customer personas

Why You Need to Develop Customer Personas

Businesses that excel in meeting their customers’ needs have one thing in common. They know their customers deeply. They understand …

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A person sitting at a computer decides whether to invest in a distressed business.

Should I Buy a Distressed Business?

You can find distressed businesses in every industry. Some can be great opportunities, especially if they can be bought for …

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Security cameras improve the security of a business

Site Security: How to Protect Your Business Location

Theft and vandalism are two security problems that could drive up costs for your business. There are costs to replacing …

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An approved stamp is used on a patent or trademark application

What You Need to Know to File Your Business’s Patent and Trademark Documents

If you’ve developed a unique product or a design, you should take steps to protect it. Filing for a patent …

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A person in an office smiles while considering a franchise model to grow his business

Grow Your Business with a Franchise Model

Have you developed a business with a winning concept, solid strategy, and scalable model? You might consider franchising it. In …

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A person sitting at a desk uses tax software for a small business

Solution Finder: Tax Software

Business taxes can be challenging to navigate, but tax software solutions can make tasks like state and federal filings and …

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A person holds a credit card while using a payment processing system

Solution Finder: Payment Processing Systems

Almost every brick-and-mortar business—and those with on-the-go sales teams—needs a physical system for processing payments. When your team needs to …

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CRM systems

Solution Finder: Customer Relationship Management Systems

With customer relationship management (CRM) systems, you can manage your customer data across every part of your business. Many of …

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A person at a computer is on the phone working with a ROBS advisor to set up a rollover as business startup from his 401(k).

Small Business Financing 101: How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your Small Business Startup

Many small business startups rely on loans for their early capital needs. But if the idea of hefty loans and …

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A modern-looking cafe sits in a great location for a restaurant: right on the corner of a popular area.

Find a Great Location for Your Restaurant

Need a great location for your restaurant? Lots of factors come into play. To start, you'll want to be close …

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A prospective franchise unit owner considers asset-backed financing.

Asset-Backed Financing for Franchise Owners

There are many ways to finance the purchase of a franchise unit. One that few aspiring business owners consider for …

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Two prospective franchise unit owners read a franchisor financing terms document with another professional

Considering Franchisor Financing? Here’s What You Should Know.

Does the franchise you're considering offer franchisor financing? These programs are a popular way to cover the startup costs of …

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A designer works on creating a logo for a business.

How to Create a Logo for Your Brand

Your business’s logo screams a message about your brand. It tells your audience if you’re legitimate, demonstrates that you’re in …

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Two people sitting at a desk enjoy the benefits of partnership

Partnering to Raise the Capital You Need to Buy a Business

It can be expensive to buy a business. In many cases, the costs are far higher than a person can …

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Adding machine tape shows many inputs as an owner tallies up his startup costs.

Small Business Financing 101: Estimating Startup Costs

What does it cost to start a business? It varies for every company, but having a guide you can depend …

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A person shakes hands to buy a business.

Consider Using an SBA Loan to Buy a Business

SBA loans are one of the most commonly used ways to finance the purchase of a business. Named after the …

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A person holding a pen signs documents to dissolve a business

How to Formally Dissolve Your Business

If your business is organized as a partnership, LLC, or corporation, then you may need to file dissolution paperwork to …

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It's easy to set up email addresses that suit your small business.

Small Business Basics: How to Set Up Email Addresses for Your Small Business

Every small business needs an email address to communicate with customers, vendors, distributors, and employees. Many need multiple addresses, not …

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Two people sit at a desk and read an LOI document

The Reasons You Need a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Purchase a Business

When you find a business you'd like to purchase, your attorney will draft a letter of intent (LOI) to indicate …

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An accountant sits at a desk with a computer, reviewing financial documents.

Find an Accountant for Your Acquisition

You'll need to find a knowledgeable business accountant for any small business acquisition—and for all the work that follows. Here's …

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An attorney sits at a desk with a computer.

Find an Attorney for Your Acquisition

If you're thinking of buying another business, you'll need to find an attorney who can draft agreements, review contracts, and …

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A person in front of a work van chose to buy a business that's enduringly profitable

Smart Play: Buy a Low-Risk, High-Margin Business in a Growing Industry

If want to buy a business, then you’ve probably thought about operating one that’s novel, trendy, or exciting—one that’ll impress …

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A person at a desk smiles as he works through the steps he needs to take to set up an entity to buy a business.

Pro Tip: Set Up an Entity Before Buying a Business

When most people set out to “buy a business,” what they’re really doing is buying a company’s assets. Many are …

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An image of a computer screen in which a person is closing their business email and social media accounts

How to Close Your Business Email and Social Media Accounts

When you close your business, you'll need to close the email and social media accounts that are associated with it, …

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A rubber stamp with the work cancelled that can be used as you cancel services and subscriptions for your small business

Checklist: What You Need to Cancel When Closing Your Small Business

Depending on your business, you may have licenses, permits, subscriptions, and services to cancel when closing. This checklist will help …

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A pen, spreadsheet, and a calculator lay on a desk, ready to be put to use for recasting.

Recasting: Demonstrate to the Financial Earning Power of Your Business

Today, we're taking on an important topic: recasting, and how it might help you sell your business. Let's dive in. …

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Two professionals talk about how to transfer retirement accounts to a new entity.

Help Your Employees Transfer Their Retirement Accounts to a New Entity

Two of the moves you’ll need to take when closing your business are terminating the retirement plans you offer and …

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A person types recommendation letters for her employees

How to Write Meaningful Recommendation Letters for Your Employees

Want a way to help your employees while you're closing your business? One of the best gestures you can make …

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A wall with many doors represents the options business owners have as they choose a business structure

Small Business Basics: Choose a Business Structure

As you work through the steps of starting your business, you’ll need to choose a business structure. The choice you …

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A person works through the steps to start advertising on social media.

Get Started with Advertising on Social Media Platforms

If you want to boost your business, advertising on social media is a must. Unlike the old-school approaches of newspaper …

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A pile of thumbs-up characters represent the "likes" that can be attained on social media platforms by a small business that masters those channels

Social Media 101: Getting Started

Whether you’re a local shop or an e-commerce store, establishing your business’s social media presence is vital. Now, it’s more …

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A manager prepares to respond to web reviews

Devote Time to Read and Respond to Reviews of Your Business

Businesses live and die by the reviews they receive. More than ever before, people are talking about their experiences online, …

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A person uses a computer to read how to evaluate a business listing.

Assessing the Listing: What Buyers Should Look for in Every Business Posting

Almost every business listing on business brokerage sites follows a specific format. It can be great to have this consistency—and …

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A person uses a computer to create financial projections for his new restaurant concept.

How to Create Financial Projections for a New Restaurant

This article on creating financial projections for a new restaurant is a guest post, brought to you by the team …

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Host a grand opening event to celebrate your first day of operations.

Grand Opening: How to Create the Hype You Need to Make Your First Day a Success

Lots of work goes into starting a small business, and your first day is a major achievement for you as …

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Calculators aren't necessary with the top-tier payroll systems.

Solution Finder: Payroll Systems

As an employer, you'll need to comply with federal and state laws regarding payroll. These laws include keeping up with …

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An old timekeeping system that is no match for today's shift scheduling systems

Solution Finder: Shift Scheduling Systems

If you manage an hourly workforce, you know the headaches of configuring schedules—and reconfiguring them as changes occur. Fortunately, app …

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A business owner sitting at a desk looks into the distance thinking about the right ways to wind down work

The Right Ways to Wind Down Work

Before telling your customers about your decision to close, think about how you’ll fulfill your outstanding orders, whether you’ll accept …

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A person sitting on a couch reviews her business contracts before she will close her business

Navigating Business Contracts As You Close Your Business

It's easy to overlook one part of the closure process. That's navigating the business contracts and obligations you've agreed to …

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A person leaving a building talks on a phone with a vendor to announce his business is closing

Tell Your Vendors, Contractors, and Others Your Business Is Closing

Midway through the closing process, you’ll need to notify your vendors, suppliers, contractors, and freelancers that your business is closing. …

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A manager with his back to the screen asks a group of employees sitting in front of him to vote on the dissolution of a business

Do You Need to Vote on Dissolution?

Most owners need to follow a specific set of procedures to formally close their businesses. And, sometimes, these procedures include …

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Piles of 100 dollar bills represent the asset distribution that must take place when closing a business

Dividing What’s Left: How to Handle Asset Distribution When Closing Your Business

After selling your remaining assets, collecting your outstanding receivables, repaying creditors, and paying your final federal, state, and local taxes, …

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A person signs a check to increase his pay from his business.

It May Be Time to Increase Your Pay

As your business grows, you may be thinking of cashing in a portion of its income. But before you increase …

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A person at a cash register studies her small business sales tax requirements

Understanding Small Business Sales Tax

The United States doesn’t levy a federal sales tax, but many of its states do. And within those states, various …

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Two owners, talking to others, are finding buyers for their business.

Finding Buyers: Who’s Looking for a Business Like Yours?

Every day, groups of people search for businesses to buy. Many do this to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship, expand …

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A person interviews a vendor using the questions provided here for her supply chain needs

How to Interview Vendors and Suppliers for Your Business

If the success of your business depends on inventory, parts, inputs, or other entities’ products, you'll vendors and suppliers who …

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A couple seated in a restaurant hold a loyalty card

Solution Finder: Restaurant Loyalty Programs

You can wow your guests with a great meal, great setting, and a great experience, but getting them to come …

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A restaurant manager uses shift scheduling systems on her computer to ensure coverage.

Solution Finder: Restaurant Shift Scheduling Systems

One of the biggest headaches of running a restaurant is employee scheduling—and reconfiguring shifts as changes occur. Fortunately, app and …

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Mail forwarding can help you ensure you receive the mail you need for taxes and recordkeeping

Set Up Mail Forwarding to Receive Business Documents

Even after closing your doors, your business will continue to receive mail that’s necessary for future tax filings and the …

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A photographer prepares to take product photos

Strategies That Can Help You Take Better Product Photos

It’s nearly impossible to sell products online without crisp, clear, compelling images. Fortunately, taking product photos is relatively simple. In …

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A blue reservation key is shown on a computer keyboard for a restaurant reservation system

Solution Finder: Restaurant Reservation Systems

Sometimes called “table management systems,” restaurant reservation systems offer a lot of benefits. For guests, they make scheduling a meal …

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Two people who sit together are reading a document to determine whether they need a small business tax attorney

When Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

Is your business facing tax challenges? Are you working through an audit? Are you up against some complexities in determining …

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A person stands ready to review his small business income tax requirements

Understanding Small Business Income Tax

Is your business required to pay small business income tax? The answer is that it depends on your business structure. …

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A lender holds a stamp of approval for a small business term loan.

Small Business Financing 101: Term Loans

Loans are one of the most common sources of capital for small business startups. For your venture, you might consider …

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An interviewer shakes hands with an applicant while working to hire for a small business

How to Hire the People Who Will Make Your Small Business a Success

Will your idea succeed? The answer can depend on the people you bring on board. That's why it's vitally important …

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Two professions form a partnership to start a business.

Tips for Forming a Partnership to Start a Business

It can be expensive to start a new business. Partnering with another person can be a great way to cover …

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An entrepreneur applies for an SBA loan for her startup venture.

Small Business Financing 101: SBA Loans

SBA loans are one of the most commonly used ways to cover early-phase costs. Named after the Small Business Administration …

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Multiple excavators in a row are an example of the assets a business can borrow against with an asset-backed loan.

Small Business Financing 101: Asset-Backed Loan

There are many ways to finance a business. One that few business owners consider is an asset-backed loan, an option …

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A person sitting in a creative office smiles while thinking about how to raise capital

Your Go-to Guide to Raising Capital for a Startup

Real estate, equipment, inventory, technologies, wages, and insurance are some of the many costs you’ll need to cover when starting …

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A row of retail storefronts, any one of which can be attained with a commercial real estate loan

Small Business Financing 101: How Commercial Real Estate Loans Can Help You with Your #LocationGoals

Disclaimer: This article was written to help you evaluate your commercial real estate loan options. It should not be construed …

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A person sits at a computer and tries to set up a tax ID

Small Business Basics: How to Attain a Tax ID Number for Your Small Business

If you're starting a small business, you may need to set up a tax ID number, also known as an …

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A woman with hand-drawn wings represents an angel investor

Small Business Financing 101: Angel Investors

Angel investors are individuals or networks of people who want to find and invest in new, small, or growing businesses …

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A person completes forms to acquire the small business licenses that are needed to run a business

Small Business Basics: Permits and Licenses

Do you need a permit or license to run your small business? You might, depending on your line of work, …

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A person holds a credit card she obtained for business expenses.

Small Business Basics: Sign Up For a Business Credit Card

Obtaining a small business bank account is important, but you should also get a business credit card to track your …

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A person looks thoughtfully at a series of question marks while thinking of a name for a business

Strategies for Naming Your Business

Your business name is important: It may be the first impression your customers have of your business. The right name …

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A person shakes hands with a registered agent

Why You Might Need a Registered Agent

Most businesses are required to register in the states or territories where they'll conduct “business activities.” These activities might include …

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A person sitting at a desk with a computer, notepad, and calculator works through some key business ratios.

The Ratios You Need to Measure Your Business’s Success

How do you know when your business is succeeding? You might look at the number of sales you make. Or, …

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A business person holds a mobile phone and completes a calendar to plan a business's social media calendar

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

The world of social media is constantly in flux with new platforms, new algorithms, and new trends. Staying on top …

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A person uses her phone for online ordering at a restaurant

Solution Finder: Online Ordering for Restaurants

A great way to grow your restaurant's sales is to offer online ordering. You can certainly set up your own …

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A person sits at a diner table and starts to design a website for her restaurant

How to Design a Website for Your Restaurant

Your customers will want to know who you are—and what you serve—before they'll be willing to give your restaurant a …

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A representative provides great customer service.

Improve Your Customer Service Processes

Great customer service is one of the best, most important ways to differentiate your business, and fortunately, there are lots …

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A person holding a pen works on writing a business plan for her new restaurant

Write a Business Plan for Your New Restaurant

When you apply for financing for your new restaurant, your lender may ask you to submit a business plan along …

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A keyboard with a mail button to help owners build an email list

How to Build an Email List for Your Business

One of the best ways to grow your business is to get in front of your target audience regularly with …

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