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A man and a woman standing in an office partner to buy a business.

Find a Partner to Buy a Business

Thinking of finding a partner to buy a business with? There are lots of reasons to choose this option. Partners …

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Employee records should be kept in files

How to Create a Filing System for Your Employee Records

If your business has employees, you’re required by law to create an employee file for each staff member and maintain …

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An attorney and a business owner work through a business broker's agreement.

Read This Before Signing a Business Broker’s Agreement

A business broker's agreement—sometimes called a client engagement agreement—often includes terms regarding exclusivity, termination, retainers, commission (or “fees”), the timing …

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A manager with her back to the screen prepares to tell a roomful of her employees her business is closing

How to Tell Your Employees Your Business Is Closing

Early in the closing process, you should tell your employees your plans to close and dissolve your business. Federal and …

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Two people use a calculator to determine how much a franchise will cost

What It Costs to Buy a Franchise Unit

When you're buying a franchise unit, cost may be one of your biggest deciding factors. It's what will determine how …

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A person at a computer considers using his 401(k) for financing his new business.

How to Use 401k Financing for Your Business Acquisition

There are lots of ways to access the funding you need to finance a business acquisition. But if the idea …

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An attorney and a business buyer review documents to complete due diligence before completing an acquisition

Due Diligence for Buying a Business

In the due diligence process, you’ll review the ins and outs of the business you intend to buy. You’ll gather …

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A handset for a restaurant phone system rests on a table

Solution Finder: Restaurant Phone Systems

For many restaurants, phone systems provide one of the first points of contact with their future guests. Few spend time …

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A retail storefront that could be an optimal small business location

Location Can Be the Make-or-Break Factor for Your Business’s Success

For on-the-go businesses, such as roofing companies, concrete designers, or cleaning businesses, a facility's location is important. A central location …

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A hiring manager sitting at a table considers how to hire employees for her restaurant

How to Hire Employees for Your Restaurant

Will your restaurant succeed? The answer can depend on the people you bring on board. That's why it's vitally important …

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A team works on ideas for financing an acquisition.

Your Go-to Guide to Financing Growth Through Acquisition

It can be expensive to buy a business. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to take on financing your acquisition. …

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A person at a computer thinks about using her retirement account to fund her new franchise unit.

How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your New Franchise

There are many ways to attain the funding you need to purchase a franchise unit. But if the idea of …

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A person hands a key to two business buyers who are ready to take ownership of a small business

Close the Deal: The 11 Things You Need to Take Ownership of a Small Business

A great deal of work goes into finding a small business to buy. Once you’ve found one, completed the due …

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A person reads a document to review the terms of a sales agreement

The Terms of Your Sales Agreement to Buy a Business

After you’ve sourced a business, evaluated its viability, and negotiated its terms, your attorney will draft a sales agreement that …

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