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The business you’ve built has served you well. Now, it’s time to think about the next chapter. Whether you plan to sell your business to a new owner, transition it to your employees or the next generation, or wind down, you can find step-by-step guides, articles, and advice that will help you with every action you need to take.

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Two owners, talking to others, are finding buyers for their business.

Finding Buyers: Who’s Looking for a Business Like Yours?

Every day, groups of people search for businesses to buy. Many do this to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship, expand …

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Risk scares a group of business buyers.

Too Much Risk: The Parts of Your Business That Will Scare Off Potential Buyers

Many prospective business buyers are risk-averse. They’re quick to spot the threats, red flags, and uncertainties that could impact a …

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A seller and a business buyer work through a seller financing arrangement.

Smart Play: Seller Financing

Lots of sellers exiting a business are doing so in a smart way. They're selling their business to qualified buyers, …

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A person looks at a computer and talks on the phone to secure offers from qualified buyers

Six Must-Haves to Secure Offers from Business Buyers

More investors than ever before are eager to buy reputable, high-performing businesses with proven records of success. But what’s attracting …

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A person wearing an apron leans over a counter while looking at a phone and reads up on how to get his business ready to sell

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Small Business

Wondering how to get your business ready to sell? It's our go-to move to recommend this free checklist. But before …

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A business owner tries to negotiate to sell his business to an interested buyer

Maximize Your Sales Price: The Practices and Negotiation Strategies You Need to Master When Selling Your Business

Virtually every small business seller has the same goal: to sell their business quickly to a competent, capable buyer and …

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