How to Close Your Business Email and Social Media Accounts

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When you close your business, you’ll need to close the email and social media accounts that are associated with it, too.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of services your business may use today and helpful guides for closing them.


Email accounts

Gmail: This article walks you through the steps to take to cancel a Google Workspace and business Gmail accounts.

Outlook: This article explains how to close your Microsoft Outlook business email accounts.

Bluehost: This guide will help you cancel your Bluehost hosting account.

GoDaddy mail: This resource lays out the steps you’ll need to take to cancel your GoDaddy mail and site accounts.

Zoho Mail: This guide offers steps for closing your Zoho mail accounts.


Social media accounts

Facebook: Here is the resource you’ll need to close your Facebook business page.

Instagram: This help guide explains how to close your business Instagram account, and this resource will walk you through the steps of switching to a personal account.

Twitter: This resource spells out how you can deactivate and delete your business Twitter account.

Pinterest: This article explains how to close your Pinterest account, and this resource walks you through converting your business account to a personal account.

Snapchat: This support guide will help you delete your business Snapchat account.

TikTok: This article explains how to delete your TikTok account.

YouTube: This resource explains how to delete your brand account on YouTube.

LinkedIn: This guide will help you deactivate your LinkedIn company page.

NextDoor: This article will help deactivate or delete your NextDoor business account, and this resource will help you terminate the neighborhood sponsorships you might have in place.


What’s next?

Check out our resource for canceling your business’s licenses, permits, subscriptions, and services. Then, log into your owner’s portal for more guides to closing your business.

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