Set Up Mail Forwarding to Receive Business Documents

Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

Mail forwarding can help you ensure you receive the mail you need for taxes and recordkeeping

Even after closing your doors, your business will continue to receive mail that’s necessary for future tax filings and the records you keep. Take this simple step to ensure your business documents get into the right sets of hands: Set up mail forwarding.


How do I forward mail for my business?

Here’s how to get started: Visit USPS and complete the official change-of-address request. This form will ask you for your current contact information, your new address, and when you would like to begin to forward the mail you receive for your business.

It’s also a great idea to contact people and organizations that frequently send you mail to inform them of the change, discontinue deliveries, and unsubscribe from mailings.

Here are two sites that can help you eliminate some of these mailings:


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