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An accountant sitting at a desk in an office is ready to help an owner sell a business

How to Find an Accountant Who Can Help You to Sell Your Business

An accountant can play an important role in helping you sell your business. They can organize your company’s financials and …

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A business owner sets up a data room

Set Up a Data Room to Sell Your Business

When selling your business, potential buyers will want to view some of your core business documents. Financial, procedure, and personnel …

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A person talking on the phone is ready to tell the IRS he is closing his business

Tell the IRS and Other Tax Agencies That You’re Closing Your Business

Once you’ve decided to dissolve your company, tell the IRS and your state and local tax agencies your plans for …

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A person with a pen in hand completes a form to terminate employee benefits.

How to Terminate Employee Savings and Benefit Plans

There are many steps to winding down your business’s operations. Once you fulfill your business’s outstanding orders and release your …

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A person sitting at a desk holds papers that indicate he needs to settle with creditors before closing his business

How to Settle with Creditors Before Closing Your Business

If you’re following our closing guide, then you’ve already reported your planned closure to your landlord, bank, suppliers, utility providers, …

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A person talks on the phone to report his business closure to creditors

How to Report Your Business Closure to Your Creditors

One step many owners miss in the closing process is notifying creditors. This must-do step is important because it helps …

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