Exit Your Business Library

A business owner completes a checklist of items to bring to meet with a business broker

Checklist: Documents to Bring to Meet with a Business Broker

When you sell your business, your business broker will ask for a specific set of documents to create your listing …

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a person holding a set of binders has a plan for recordkeeping after closing a business

Recordkeeping After Closing Your Business

Once you’ve closed your business, many of your obligations come to an end. Recordkeeping is not one of those obligations. …

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An attorney and a business owner work through a business broker's agreement.

Read This Before Signing a Business Broker’s Agreement

A business broker’s agreement—sometimes called a client engagement agreement—often includes terms regarding exclusivity, termination, retainers, commission (or “fees”), the timing …

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A manager with her back to the screen prepares to tell a roomful of her employees her business is closing

How to Tell Your Employees Your Business Is Closing

Early in the closing process, you should tell your employees your plans to close and dissolve your business. Federal and …

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