Exit Your Business Library

A manager browses resources to help her employees transition their health insurance plans.

Help Your Employees Transition to Government-Sponsored Health Insurance

Did your business offer health insurance? If so, you might wonder how your team will maintain health care coverage until …

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Be sure to share your contact information with the people you want to stay connected with.

Share Your New Contact Information with Your Employees and Network

Before parting ways with your employees, contractors, suppliers, and others you work with on a regular basis, take time to …

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A seller, a new owner, and a team of professionals work through the steps of completing a sale of a business

Your Go-to Guide to Completing the Sale of Your Business

Completing the sale of your business is a major milestone. In this article, we’ll explain the last step—the closing process …

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A professional tax accountant is prepared to file the final tax filings for a small business

Navigate Your Final Tax Filings for Your Small Business

There are many steps to closing your business. After completing projects, selling assets, and paying debts, you’ll need to make …

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A business owner boxes up inventory and equipment he plans to sell

How to Sell Your Business’s Remaining Inventory, Equipment, and Items of Value

An important step of closing your business is selling off the assets it needed to conduct its operations. Before proceeding, …

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A person looks down at the customer list on his phone and will call his customers to tell them his business is closing

How to Tell Your Customers Your Business Is Closing

Ready to tell your customers about your impending closure? This is an important step you’ll need to take when you’re …

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