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A person holding a pen signs documents to dissolve a business

How to Formally Dissolve Your Business

If your business is organized as a partnership, LLC, or corporation, then you may need to file dissolution paperwork to …

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An image of a computer screen in which a person is closing their business email and social media accounts

How to Close Your Business Email and Social Media Accounts

When you close your business, you’ll need to close the email and social media accounts that are associated with it, …

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A rubber stamp with the work cancelled that can be used as you cancel services and subscriptions for your small business

Checklist: What You Need to Cancel When Closing Your Small Business

Depending on your business, you may have licenses, permits, subscriptions, and services to cancel when closing. This checklist will help …

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A pen, spreadsheet, and a calculator lay on a desk, ready to be put to use for recasting.

Recasting: Demonstrate to the Financial Earning Power of Your Business

Today, we’re taking on an important topic: recasting, and how it might help you sell your business. Let’s dive in. …

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Two professionals talk about how to transfer retirement accounts to a new entity.

Help Your Employees Transfer Their Retirement Accounts to a New Entity

Two of the moves you’ll need to take when closing your business are terminating the retirement plans you offer and …

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A person types recommendation letters for her employees

How to Write Meaningful Recommendation Letters for Your Employees

Want a way to help your employees while you’re closing your business? One of the best gestures you can make …

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