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It’s never too early to start planning your business exit. Owner Actions can help you with the strategies to smooth your transition. Sign up today for a step-by-step guide, articles, and resources that will walk you through early tax strategies, sales preparation tactics, and actions you need to take today to make your exit a success.

What can Owner Actions help you take on?

Developing your plan.

What will happen to your business when you retire, die, or become incapacitated? Without a succession plan, the business you’ve worked hard to build may struggle or, worse, unravel completely.

Avoid the worst-case scenario by developing a robust succession plan for your business. Follow our guide to develop emergency plans, name successors, clarify how assets should be distributed, and more to take care of your business—and your heirs—in any scenario.

A post-it note with the Owner Actions logo
A post-it note with the Owner Actions logo

Putting agreements in place.

If you have a partnership arrangement, you might consider establishing buy-sell agreements to ensure your share in the business passes to your partners (and that you partner’s share passes to you) rather than allowing it to be bought by a third party or inherited after one of you dies. This is important for ensuring that your business survives and endures according to your wishes far into the future.

Considering tax strategies.

When you die, the assets you own and pass along to your heirs may be subject to hefty federal and state estate taxes. How hefty? In 2020, federal taxes alone were as high as 40% for taxable amounts greater than $1 million. 

There are strategies you can employ to reduce your estate tax obligation—or eliminate them altogether. Read our guide to learn more.

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"When you're hyper-focused on the day-to-day work in your business, it's tough to think ahead to the legacy you want to leave. But this work is important. Learn how to get started with Owner Actions' resources."
Mark Fleming
Mark Fleming
Co-founder and CEO of Owner Actions

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