A business owner completes a checklist of items to bring to meet with a business broker

Checklist: Documents to Bring to Meet with a Business Broker

Your business broker will ask for a specific set of documents to create your listing and prospectus. Prepare for your meeting by pulling together copies of the following documents:



What to bring

Recent tax returns for your business
Profit-and-loss statements
Current balance sheet information
Real estate information, including the square footage and key features of your site
A list of assets that will be included in the sale
Appraisals of assets
Proof of licensure and trademarks
Marketing materials
Employee headcounts
Payroll reports


Your broker may have additional requirements. For a complete list of the documents you’ll need to develop your business listing, talk with your business broker. Then, work proactively to assemble these items.


What’s next?

Next, you and your broker will work on the presentation of the business, list it, and begin fielding questions. We can help you through these important steps. Log into your owner’s portal for articles and a step-by-step guide through the process.

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