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An accountant sitting at a desk in an office is ready to help an owner sell a business

How to Find an Accountant Who Can Help You to Sell Your Business

An accountant can play an important role in helping you sell your business. They can organize your company’s financials and …

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A business owner sets up a data room

Set Up a Data Room to Sell Your Business

When selling your business, potential buyers will want to view some of your core business documents. Financial, procedure, and personnel …

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A seller, a new owner, and a team of professionals work through the steps of completing a sale of a business

Your Go-to Guide to Completing the Sale of Your Business

Completing the sale of your business is a major milestone. In this article, we’ll explain the last step—the closing process …

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A pen, spreadsheet, and a calculator lay on a desk, ready to be put to use for recasting.

Recasting: Demonstrate to the Financial Earning Power of Your Business

Today, we’re taking on an important topic: recasting, and how it might help you sell your business. Let’s dive in. …

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Two owners, talking to others, are finding buyers for their business.

Finding Buyers: Who’s Looking for a Business Like Yours?

Every day, groups of people search for businesses to buy. Many do this to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship, expand …

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Risk scares a group of business buyers.

Too Much Risk: The Parts of Your Business That Will Scare Off Potential Buyers

Many prospective business buyers are risk-averse. They’re quick to spot the threats, red flags, and uncertainties that could impact a …

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A seller and a business buyer work through a seller financing arrangement.

Smart Play: Seller Financing

Lots of sellers exiting a business are doing so in a smart way. They’re selling their business to qualified buyers, …

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A person looks at a computer and talks on the phone to secure offers from qualified buyers

Six Must-Haves to Secure Offers from Business Buyers

More investors than ever before are eager to buy reputable, high-performing businesses with proven records of success. But what’s attracting …

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A person wearing an apron leans over a counter while looking at a phone and reads up on how to get his business ready to sell

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Small Business

Wondering how to get your business ready to sell? It’s our go-to move to recommend this free checklist. But before …

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A business owner tries to negotiate to sell his business to an interested buyer

Maximize Your Sales Price: The Practices and Negotiation Strategies You Need to Master When Selling Your Business

Virtually every small business seller has the same goal: to sell their business quickly to a competent, capable buyer and …

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A business owner standing in front of her business thinks about selling it on her own, without relying on a broker.

When You Can Sell Your Business Without a Broker—and When You Really Shouldn’t

Selling your business alone is no easy feat, but with the right amount of research and an eager commitment to …

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A business is preapproved for financing

Pro Tip: Have Your Business Preapproved for Financing Before Marketing Your Sale

It can be a tedious process to sell your business. One way to speed it up is to get your …

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There are strategies to keep in mind when paying your business broker.

Points to Keep in Mind When Paying Your Business Broker

Brokers play an important role in the sale of your business, and most are compensated when the work is complete. …

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A person works with others to fulfill a post-sale training commitment

The Role You Might Play in Post-Sale Training and Support

When you transfer your business to a new owner, one of the terms of your sale may be to provide …

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A person carries a stack of folders that may be useful in helping a business buyer complete the due diligence process.

Assist the Buyer of Your Business Through the Due Diligence Process

Before making an offer for your business, most buyers will ask for a period of due diligence. This block of …

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Follow these expert tips before you accept an offer for your business.

Three Quick Tips Before You Accept an Offer for Your Business

If you’ve received an offer to buy your business, you might be eager to sign off, cash out, and move …

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A person uses a calculator to determine what a business is worth

What Your Business Is Worth—and How to Sell It for More

Do you know what your business is worth today? Lots of factors weigh in. Sales, profitability, and growth trends certainly …

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A person working on a computer prepares for listing a business for sale

Ready to List Your Business? Presentation is Key.

Ready to list your business for sale? Whether you choose to sell it with a broker or go it alone, …

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A coffee shop manager talks with an employee of his small business about his plans to sell.

Looking for Buyers? Consider Your Employees.

Would you sell your small business to an employee? Could your employees lead your business? These are important questions to …

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A business lawyer sits at a desk, ready to help an owner with their business sale.

Find the Right Attorney to Help You Sell Your Business

Before, during, and at the close of your business, you’ll need a lawyer to help you protect your business secrets, …

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Rolls of papers on confidentiality pertain to the sale of a business.

Confidentiality and the Sale of Your Business

Owners often wonder whether they should share the news of their sale with others or keep their plans to exit …

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A person selling a business reviews the sales agreement she'll sign to transfer ownership to a buyer.

Selling Your Business? You’ll Need a Busines Purchase Agreement.

One of the final pieces of selling your business is signing off on the business purchase agreement. Once your buyer …

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Planning is the best way to create great business tours for prospective buyers.

Business Tours for Prospective Buyers

One of the ways prospective buyers will size up your business is by touring your site. In this article, we’ll …

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A business broker smiles while talking on a phone

Smart Strategies for Finding a Business Broker

When you’re selling a business, you might choose to work with a business broker, a professional who can market your …

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A person sitting in a modern office reviews the terms of an earnout for the sale of his business.

What Earn Outs Mean for the Sale of Your Business

When you put your business up for sale, you might receive offers that include terms for earn outs. Earn outs …

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A business owner completes a checklist of items to bring to meet with a business broker

Checklist: Documents to Bring to Meet with a Business Broker

When you sell your business, your business broker will ask for a specific set of documents to create your listing …

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An attorney and a business owner work through a business broker's agreement.

Read This Before Signing a Business Broker’s Agreement

A business broker’s agreement—sometimes called a client engagement agreement—often includes terms regarding exclusivity, termination, retainers, commission (or “fees”), the timing …

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