Get the financing you need to help your business grow

Funding your business from your bank account is one option, but it isn’t the only way to cover your costs. Many business owners take out loans and lines of credit or apply to grants for funding. 

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How to get started


Financing is often a great option. Many community, commercial, and online banks and credit unions offer a range of loans and lines of credit you can use to cover your costs. 

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The federal, state, and local governments often offer grants to help new businesses find their footing and grow in their markets. Agencies, corporations, and others do, too, sometimes with grants, but also with one-time awards. 

Check out this resource to find some grants and awards that might benefit your business:


Want a step-by-step guide to covering business costs?

Set up a checklist that’s customized to your goals. Your checklist will help you review financing options and take on other key tasks to help your business achieve what matters most.

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