Connect with your market.

Don’t underestimate the work that goes into finding your audience, communicating your value, and building connections that will create successes for both you and your customers. Owner Actions can help. Sign up today for a step-by-step guide, articles, and resources that will help you with these essential brand tasks.

Articles That Drive Action

Business signs can draw attention to a business. Here, one hangs on the exterior of a building.

How to Design and Print Interior and Exterior Signs

Roadside signs, building-mounted signs, and interior signs can help you make a great first impression for your business. In this …

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A business person holds a mobile phone and completes a calendar to plan a business's social media calendar

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

The world of social media is constantly in flux with new platforms, new algorithms, and new trends. Staying on top …

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A small business owner experiments with marketing channels.

Marketing Channels That Can Help Your Business Grow

Many small business owners succeed when they experiment with marketing channels to spread awareness of their brand. You can, too. …

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A person sitting at a design thinks through his website design strategy.

How to Design Your Website to Amplify Your Brand

Your business’s website is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Once a tool to list the products …

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A red apple lays in a pile of green apples to signify how important it is to set your business apart

Brand Differentiation 101: How to Set Your Business Apart

It can be tough for customers to distinguish between two rival brands, especially when the price points, products, and services …

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A group of managers work on ideas for collaborations

Build Your Customer Base through Collaborations

Of all the ways to grow your business, one of the simplest is setting up collaborations with people who work …

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Sixteen headshots of people who could represent a business's customer personas

Why You Need to Develop Customer Personas

Businesses that excel in meeting their customers’ needs have one thing in common. They know their customers deeply. They understand …

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A person in an office smiles while considering a franchise model to grow his business

Grow Your Business with a Franchise Model

Have you developed a business with a winning concept, solid strategy, and scalable model? You might consider franchising it. In …

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A designer works on creating a logo for a business.

How to Create a Logo for Your Brand

Your business’s logo screams a message about your brand. It tells your audience if you’re legitimate, demonstrates that you’re in …

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Stand apart from the pack.

You know your business isn't like your competitors. Do your customers?

It can be difficult for customers to distinguish between rival brands, especially when the price points, products, and services they offer are relatively the same. And when those customer can't detect true differences, they go with the brand they know or the one that's most responsive to their needs. So, how do you become the brand that's their go-to choice? You play up the attributes that make your business materially different from its competitors. 

Put your best foot forward.

Your customers are learning a great deal about your business through your social media pages. They're forming impressions of your knowledge, expertise, image, and popularity in your market without conversing with you or setting foot inside your business. 

How can you leave the best possible impression? There are eight strategies you can follow to optimize your online presence so you can present your business precisely how you want to it be perceived.

Amplify your brand.

Visuals matter to your customers. Many make snap judgments about a business through the logo, profile pics, signage, website imagery, and other visual collateral, quickly turning from those that don't convey the style they expect to see. 

You can't afford to lose customers on this point. Simple strategies to improve your business's visuals can go a long way in attracting customers, holding their attention, and helping them perceive you as the premier brand in your market. Our guide can help you work through one of the most important assets to your brand: your website.