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Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

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Yellow pages and Who’s Who lists may not be relevant for your business today. Instead, there are many other directories you can register your business to drive traffic.

In this article, we’ll help you find the options that’ll suit your business best.


Does your business serve your local area?

If your business is local, try showing up in these business directories:

  • Google My Business: a great way to leverage the world’s most popular search engine, maps tool, and Assistant feature on Android devices to drive traffic to your physical or virtual site or social media page
  • NextDoor: a fast-growing social network that can put your business in front of a broad base of neighbors who can learn about, review, and recommend local businesses
  • Yelp: a resource many consumers use to learn about the reputation of a business they’re considering working with; Amazon Alexa also uses it to provide users with information about local businesses
  • Apple Maps/Siri: popular tools integrated into Apple phones, watches, and other devices that can help users find your business on the go
Consider optimizing your website’s homepage for home automation devices (such as Alexa). Doing so will help these popular tools find key information about your business. To do this, make information on your website easy to find and follow best practices to optimize your pages for local search. Many owners achieve this by reworking the FAQ section of their websites to match the precise questions they believe Alexa users are asking.

Is your business a trade?

If you run a plumbing business, cleaning service, auto body shop, or another trade-based company, consider registering with the services above. Here are some others to check out:

  • Networx: a platform for contractors to share the services they offer with homeowners and others in need of improvements and repairs
  • Angi (formerly Angie’s List): a platform for pros in many industries to explain their areas of expertise and connect with users ready to move forward with projects
  • Thumbtack: another platform that allows pros to list the services and connect with prospects in their area of operation
  • Bark: a platform home service providers and others use to find contract jobs in their local markets


Do you provide services for other business owners?

If you offer a professional service, such as tax accounting, legal services, or brand consulting, consider some of the previously mentioned services that may help you find and connect with your target customer base.

Try to find platforms where only real, vetted service providers are allowed on the platform. Choose options that let you see previews of leads without buying bundles of credits upfront.


How much does it cost to register with these services and business directories?

Many of the services are free to join, but some business directories have upfront costs or monthly fees.


What else can I do to get my business in front of its audience?

Consider working on search engine optimization and social media followership to improve your search engine rankings and reach.

Experts in these fields know and can implement best practices for your business. If you’d like to connect with an SEO expert, check out these firms:


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Be an SEO Success Story

For more than 10 years, JEMSU has been helping businesses improve their ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches. They do this by examining the businesses’s domain name, optimizing the content and images on their sites, and recommending keywords to target to help maximizing ad spend, but they never use a cookie-cutter approach to helping businesses boost their visibility. Interested in hearing how JEMSU would take on SEO for your business? Follow this link to connect to their team.

Creative Analytics

Using the Power of Data to Deliver Smart Strategy and Compelling Creative

At Creative Analytics, SEO works falls under their umbrella of inbound marketing, a category where their team really shines. After completing a comprehensive audit on your current digital footprint and sizing up where your competitors are today, the Creative Analytics team can recommend a robust plan with on-page SEO and keyword research to help your business attract attention. Learn more by following this link.

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Automated SEO to Grow Your Business

More than 250,000 businesses use Diib to access industry-based rankings, set custom growth tracks, and find actionable insights they can use for growth. Diib offers lots of free tools, including website monitoring and a keyword explorer, but their paid plans (ranging from $20 to about $2000/month) include tools and support that result in a much bigger impact. We’re Diib users, and we think it’s worth checking it. You can get started with the link below.


If you’d like to get started with a social media expert, consider these firms:


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No Boundaries Marketing

Your business. Our forte.

Whether you need help with social media marketing or building your social media brand, No Boundaries Marketing has you covered. Its team is stacked with marketing and branding experts, strategists, designers, and influencer marketing pros who can help you boost your presence and leave a positive, lasting impression. Want to learn more? Follow the link below to connect with the No Boundaries Marketing team. 

Creative Analytics

No one-size-fits-all strategies

We love Creative Analytics’ take on social media management. CA’s team engages in extensive research and takes a page-by-page approach to help you show up to your ideal clients and present them with the right image. CA creates and develops social media profiles, manages social accounts, takes on social media advertising, and sets its clients up with metrics and social media reporting to verify successes and spot opportunities to pivot. Follow the link below to visit Creative Analytics’ site.


Achieve excellent results

Jemsu focuses on one specific part of social media strategy: social media marketing. The team creates engaging content you can post to any social media platform to reach new customers or engage existing ones. They’ll even coach you through strategies to help you get the best reach for your posts. Would you like to talk with Jemsu about this service? Follow this link to get started.


What’s next?

After exploring the business directories we list, log into your owner’s portal for more guidance and step-by-step support for growing your business and building your brand.

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