Why You Should Consider Aligning Your Business with Initiatives

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More than ever before, customers are putting their dollars behind business entities that engage in fair, ethical practices, take stands for what’s right, and commit to initiatives that improve the world around them. In doing so, they’re affirming what matters to them—and they’re telling you what should matter to you.

Consider supporting an initiative that resonates with your audience, and fold that work into your organization’s mission. In this article, we’ll share some ideas for getting started.


What business initiatives do my customers care about?

There is no shortage of business initiatives to get behind, and it can be overwhelming to home in on the ones that will be meaningful for your market. To find a path forward, ask yourself the following question:

What is the mission of my business, and how can I assure that it creates good and not harm for others?


This question can trigger others, which can help you find what matters most to your business:

What is the “good” that my product or service supports, and who misses an opportunity to experience that good because of income, ethnic, or geographic differences?

Does my product harm others in any way, and if so, what could I do to mitigate that harm?

What is the impact of my business on the environment, and could I take steps to reduce its impact?

Do the people producing my product have struggles I could ease?

Have I ensured that members of my supply chain engage in fair, ethical practices, and could I take more steps to guarantee it?

Can I ensure that testing practices for my practices don’t involve animals?


If one of these ideas resonates with you, look into ways to pursue it. Here are some ideas for getting started:

  • Donate a portion of your proceeds to causes that align with your goal.
  • Opt for supply chain inputs that are ethically sourced and produced.
  • Choose inputs that have a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Execute strategies and production practices that reduce your environmental impact.
  • Share stories about the struggles others are facing and set up a program to provide relief.
  • Organize company-wide volunteer days to give back to the communities you serve.
  • Be a sponsor to groups that could use a monetary boost.
  • Give a volunteer grant.
  • Offer pro bono services.


Try creating a shortlist of ideas for business initiatives. Then, attempt to find one that aligns with the mission of your business, is feasible, is impactful, and aligns with the values of your target market.

You can reach out to members of your community and target market to see what matters most to them. One way to do this is to deliver a simple survey on your social media pages, email newsletters, website, or web receipts that encourages your audience to share your voice about what you can do to be a great steward of your world and community.


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