It May Be Time to Update Your Business’s Logo

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Over time, some logos grow stale. This is especially true for logos that lean heavily into a design element that’s no longer popular. These elements could include antiquated fonts, unrelatable graphics, or color schemes that are tied to a prior era. But it can also be true when a business changes its mission, target audience, brand persona, or offerings and wants to update its logo to match its new mode.

In this article, we’ll explain the key concepts of a modern logo and how you can start making changes.


Should I redesign my logo or refresh it?

It isn’t often that a logo design needs to be completely discarded in favor of a new one. In fact, by keeping some elements of your logo’s design, you can retain the familiarity you’ve cultivated in your market.

The right course of action may be this. Think of ways to improve upon what you have by modernizing it and making it more meaningful for your business and your market.


How can I update my logo to make it look more modern?

Today’s logos often have a clean, simple style. Graphics have become less popular, and stylized fonts are finding their way into the fold. Additionally, color schemes are now used to send a message. Many owners play into the psychology of color, choosing shades of blue to convey calmness or tradition, white to show they’re in tune with what’s modern, or green to emphasize their connection to the natural world.

These popular trends may or may not be right for your business, and fit matters far more than current styling. Select options that suit what your business represents, who it serves, and how it differs from others in the market.


How do I put these pieces together to update my logo?

There are two approaches you can take when you’re ready to update your business’s logo.

First, you might work with an online logo design tool to experiment with changes to your icon. Some popular choices include Canva and Looka, which can help you build a professional, print-worthy logo in minutes.

You could also work with a professional designer to ensure your logo has a strong market appeal and will be effective on both print and virtual platforms. Our preferred solutions include Smashing Logo, Logo Nerds, and Branding Compass, but you may find others who serve your industry or have design styles that are a great fit for your project.


What’s next?

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