Improve Your Competitive Position Library

Three people work together to form a business strategy

Your Go-to Guide to Creating a Business Strategy

No matter where you are in your ownership journey, you must create a business strategy. Your strategy should do more …

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A person shakes hands to buy a business from another person to attain a competitive edge

How Buying a Business Can Give You a Competitive Edge

As a business owner, you know the importance of growth. You may already be growing organically through increased awareness, by …

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A picture containing cloudsDescription automatically generated

Expand Your Business into a New Region

Want to expand your business (or overcome stalls in growth)? You might look to new markets to extend your reach …

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A person creates a process diagram to include in her business's licensing presentation

Consider Licensing Your Product or Process

Have you developed a product or process that’s innovative, patentable, and useful to other businesses? Think about licensing it—especially if …

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Customers stand in a line. You can capture information from your customers in ethical ways to achieve your business goals.

Keys to Capture Better Information about Your Customers

Are you using customer information to drive sales? If you aren't doing it today, consider starting. This move can help …

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Boxes of new product are stacked in a pile

Considering New Product Lines? Start Here.

It might be a great idea for your business to add new product lines. This move can help you enter …

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A customer with shopping bags is rewarded with a customer loyalty program.

How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program

You’ve likely heard the statistics: It’s far more cost-effective to keep past customers on your roster than pursue new ones. …

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A business owner shows excitement after applying practices to increase her site's conversion rate.

Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Online presence drives sales for nearly every business, but having a site, a social media page, and Yelp reviews isn’t …

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A person is thinking, "How do I get my business to stand out?"

What Do You Want Your Business to Be Known For?

How can I help my business stand out? New and seasoned business owners alike struggle with this question. To find …

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A person holding a tablet reads about competitive analysis

Conduct Your Own Competitive Analysis in Ten Simple Steps

Competitive analysis can help you identify your competitors, find out what and how they’re selling to their customer base, and …

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