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We'll show you the actions you need to take to find, vet, and take ownership of a business.

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Talk with our pro.

Whether you’re buying your first business or fourth, the process can be much smoother when you have pro support. Through our one-hour consultation service, we’ll help you firm up your ownership goals, the kinds of businesses you’re looking for, and your search strategy. Other owners confirm that it’s $200 well-spent.

Be our business partner.

Buy a business with us. We’ll work alongside you to find, vet, buy, and run a business, taking a small equity stake in the company (usually 10-15%) and giving our time, resources, and knowledge to help it succeed. 

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Get pre-screened listings right in your inbox.

Business search sites promote some great opportunities—and those we’d never consider investing in. Our resident business expert pours through hundreds of listings each week to find the best of the best in each market, sending them to buyers like you who are ready to take the next step.

Have Mark review a business you want to buy.

Do you know Mark from TikTok? He’ll dive deep into any business you’re considering, signing the NDA alongside you to confirm cash flows, spot red flags, and stress test the business. He’s the business-buying BFF you never knew you needed.

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Get a free step-by-step guide to buying a business.

Want to see the full process of buying a business? Check out this resource that’s fully tailored to your goals. Answer a few questions, access your roadmap, and get moving toward buying a business.

Read articles on every step of the process.

Explore our article library or build your action plan to read articles that fit your specific needs. Helpful links, outside resources, and how-to guidance provide you with the necessary steps to buy a business.

Check out this article on performing due diligence

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But we don't just help buyers.

We also help people start, scale, and sell their businesses. Learn how we can help you.

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