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Articles That Drive Action

An old timekeeping system that is no match for today's shift scheduling systems

Solution Finder: Shift Scheduling Systems

If you manage an hourly workforce, you know the headaches of configuring schedules—and reconfiguring them as changes occur. Fortunately, app …

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Two people exchange a credit card while using point-of-sale systems

Solution Finder: Point-of-Sale Systems

If you conduct sales at a storefront or customer’s location, you may want to consider point-of-sale (POS) systems that allows …

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Three job candidates, sourced and selected with applicant tracking systems, hold folders while waiting in line

Solution Finder: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

If you employ others—and plan to make more hires as you grow and scale your business—you may consider applicant tracking …

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A person works at a computer to set up his web domain.

Set Up Your Web Domain

When you’re building your online presence, there are two steps you’ll need to take right away: claim your domain name …

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A close up of an office phone

Solution Finder: Office Phone Solutions

For many businesses, phone systems provide one of the first points of contact with customers. Few spend time thinking of …

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A delivery truck travels along a highway to fulfill the logistics needs of shipping services.

Solution Finder: Shipping Services

If you sell products online, shipping and logistics will be an important part of your process. Some businesses choose to …

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A business owner works with one of the popular email marketing services to deliver clean, captivating emails to her audience.

Solution Finder: Email Marketing Services

Email marketing continues to be a powerful way to reach new customers, stay in front of existing customers, and convert …

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A dial with the label Web Traffic encourages website owners to use analytics to drive traffic.

Solution Finder: Website Analytics Programs

How is your website performing? This question is essential to ask on a regular basis, any time changes are made …

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Solution Finder: Fleet Management Systems

It isn’t easy to oversee a fleet of vehicles—or the drivers operating them. Carefully planned schedules can change as service …

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Choose a bookkeeping program.

Bookkeeping solutions help your business track its payables and receivables in a single site. They also help you take on the daily accounting tasks that are critical for your business. 

Similarities often end there; many have features that distinguish their solution from others on the market. In our guide to small business bookkeeping solutions, you can learn about the key attributes you should consider so you can purchase a program with confidence.

Select a CRM solution.

Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations alike thrive when they know they customers’ needs, preferences, and buying patterns. Many large organizations opt for custom customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, but off-the-shelf options can be quite effective in bolstering customer relationship. 

Our guide to CRM solutions can help you evaluate your options.

Evaluate shift scheduling solutions.

You could save a significant amount of time each week by investing in an employee shift scheduler. Many affordable, off-the-shelf solutions will allow you to plan shifts, approve time-off requests, rework your calendar, and approve reassignments with minimal disruption to your day, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks. 

What features should you consider? Read our guide to investigate your options.