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Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

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If you employ others—and plan to make more hires as you grow and scale your business—consider an applicant tracking system (ATS) to simplify the hiring process for your small business.

Most ATSs can help you source talent by automating job site postings and helping you develop recruitment campaigns. Many use artificial intelligence (AI) to match prospective employees with your must-have (and preferred) requirements and provide you with a shortlist of candidates most likely to succeed in a given role.

Some also allow businesses to set up branded career pages, postings in multiple languages, and in-app scheduling options for phone and in-person interviews. Many others provide interview resources for hiring managers, including hiring procedures, assessments, and video interview integrations.

An applicant tracking system isn’t necessary for every business, but it can be a helpful resource for small business owners and managers who constantly engage in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our preferred solutions.


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Breezy HR

  • Free version available
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited active job postings
  • Branded career site
  • Easy automation
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Zoho Recruit

$30/month / recruiter
  • Free version available
  • Pay per recruiter
  • 10 active job postings
  • Basic career site
  • Easy integration
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Zoho One

$37/month / employee
  • All Zoho Recruit features
  • Full CRM
  • Accounting solution
  • Marketing and social media management tools
  • So much more


Let’s explore each of these options.



BreezyHR is one of the most user-friendly ATS options around. The program allows you to create easy-start career pages that connect right into your company’s own website. After this quick setup, you can create job postings, post to multiple job sites, and communicate with applicants within their app.

What’s unique about this solution is that it generates custom candidate scorecards based on the posting you create. This can help you find and proceed with the best available candidates for your openings. And further, this ATS can help you track and manage employee referrals, which is critical for employers who offer referral rewards.

Breezy offers a basic service for free, but many of the features we mention are part of their paid service that starts around $150/month. This service increases to $399/month for larger enterprises.

Visit BreezyHR to explore this solution and find the option that’s right for you.


Zoho Recruit/Zoho One

Zoho Recruit allows users to post to multiple job sites, automate key parts of the recruitment and selection processes, and handle the communications required to set up interviews and move applicants through the hiring process.

What sets this ATS apart is that it uses AI to generate match rankings to help you select the best candidates. Also unique, this ATS offers job creators the option to run background checks right from the system.

Pricing starts around $30/month and increases to $90/month for enterprise-level capabilities. There’s also a free version that’s may have all the features you need for your business.

Before signing up, be sure to check out Zoho One, Zoho’s all-in-one business tool with more than 40 apps, including a CRM, accounting software, marketing and social media tools, and much more, along with Zoho Recruit. You can purchase Zoho One for $37/month per employee.

Hop over to Zoho’s site to explore their Recruit software and other programs that might benefit your business.


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