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It takes a lot to impress customers. You can offer a great setting, great prices, and a great experience, but getting them to come back as regulars can be a tall task, especially when you’re up against countless competitors. That’s where a loyalty program, especially one designed for a small business, can help.

A loyalty program can incentivize your customers to return to your small business, increase their spend, and introduce friends to try your product or services. You can offer points, discounts, or other incentives that might convince your customers to continue choosing your business rather than trying out another establishment.

Let’s explore some of the options we like most. To start, check out this quick comparison chart. Be sure to click on the logos for brief explainer videos on each loyalty program and learn whether it could work for your small business.


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$23/ month
  • $23/month package includes up to 200 orders/month
  • Uses point-based campaigns to encourage customer engagement
  • Create a fully customized page for your customers using your colors and logo
  • Reward customers who share your brand with others
  • Create VIP programs for your best customers
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  • $29.90 package includes up to 50 members
  • Full-service loyalty program with artificial intelligence and automation
  • Tracks when users engage with your content
  • Can customize how and when to reach out with offers and reminders
  • Create your own subscription plans with limits and check-in options
  • Supports digital punch cards and loyalty points
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$45/month / location
  • $45/month package includes up to 500 loyalty visits/month
  • Fully integrates with your Square system
  • Easy enrollment at checkout
  • Can send customers automated texts when they earn points or rewards


Ready to take a deeper dive into these options? Let’s get started.



Over 45,000 business owners rely on Stamped to build loyalty, in part because this service offers fully customizable rewards programs that can be shared on social media, through email marketing, through SMS, and as a widget on a website.

Stamped is the lowest-priced option we list here, but it’s packed with features to increase engagement. Owners often use this tool to reward customers for visits, introducing friends, and making repeat purchases.

With Stamped, you can create tiers within your loyalty program and reward your best customers with fixed amount discounts, percentage-off discounts, annual gifts, access to events, and the ability to earn points faster.

Stamped integrates well with lots of programs you may already be using. These include ActiveCampaign, Drip, ViralSweep, and many others.

There are lots of reasons to like Stamped, so check them out. You can get started here.



Glue is a loyalty program designed specifically for local businesses. It stands out for the wide range of programs it allows you to offer your guests.

With Glue, you can set up a points-earning system, digital loyalty cards, coupons, or a referral program for your small business. You can also establish membership tiers and levels to offer the best rewards to your most loyal customers.

One feature owners like is that Glue engages your customers on their behalf. With reminders, customized offers, and notices of incentives, Glue does the heavy lifting to get your guests to call you, visit your website, or return to your location.

Glue works well with lots of other tools you may already be using. It integrates easily with Clover, Square, and Quickbooks, as well as some e-commerce services such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

Glue starts at around $30/month, but you can try it free here (no credit card required).



You may already know Square for its POS system, but the company’s loyalty program is a smart add-on.

Square reports that sellers who use this loyalty program see a 40% increase in customer visits. Owners can back this up with their Square Dashboard, a tool that allows them to track the number of loyalty customers they have, their top loyalty customers, and the average spend from loyalty and non-loyalty customers.

It’s easy to enroll your customers into Square’s loyalty program. You can take on this task during your normal checkout process.

Like some other solutions, Square engages your customers on your behalf, informing them when they earn points and reminding them of their reward balances.

The monthly fee for this program starts at around $45 and can scale up based on your location’s total loyalty visits during that period. Many owners find they can offset this cost with the increased sales volumes it can help them achieve.

Would you like a free trial of Square’s loyalty program? Get started here.


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