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A person works at a computer to set up his web domain.

Set Up Your Web Domain

When you’re building your online presence, there are two steps you’ll need to take right away: claim your domain name …

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A person sitting at a desk uses tax software for a small business

Solution Finder: Tax Software

Business taxes can be challenging to navigate, but tax software solutions can make tasks like state and federal filings and …

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A person holds a credit card while using a payment processing system

Solution Finder: Payment Processing Systems

Almost every brick-and-mortar business—and those with on-the-go sales teams—needs a physical system for processing payments. When your team needs to …

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CRM systems

Solution Finder: Customer Relationship Management Systems

With customer relationship management (CRM) systems, you can manage your customer data across every part of your business. Many of …

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Calculators aren't necessary with the top-tier payroll systems.

Solution Finder: Payroll Systems

As an employer, you’ll need to comply with federal and state laws regarding payroll. These laws include keeping up with …

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An old timekeeping system that is no match for today's shift scheduling systems

Solution Finder: Shift Scheduling Systems

If you manage an hourly workforce, you know the headaches of configuring schedules—and reconfiguring them as changes occur. Fortunately, app …

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A couple seated in a restaurant hold a loyalty card

Solution Finder: Restaurant Loyalty Programs

You can wow your guests with a great meal, great setting, and a great experience, but getting them to come …

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A restaurant manager uses shift scheduling systems on her computer to ensure coverage.

Solution Finder: Restaurant Shift Scheduling Systems

One of the biggest headaches of running a restaurant is employee scheduling—and reconfiguring shifts as changes occur. Fortunately, app and …

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A blue reservation key is shown on a computer keyboard for a restaurant reservation system

Solution Finder: Restaurant Reservation Systems

Sometimes called “table management systems,” restaurant reservation systems offer a lot of benefits. For guests, they make scheduling a meal …

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A person uses her phone for online ordering at a restaurant

Solution Finder: Online Ordering for Restaurants

A great way to grow your restaurant’s sales is to offer online ordering. You can certainly set up your own …

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Two people exchange a credit card while using a POS system at a small business

Solution Finder: Online Point-of-Sale Systems

Virtually every business needs a system to collect payment and track sales. New point-of-sale (POS) systems are robust tools and …

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Vans are part of a small business's fleet finder program.

Solution Finder: Fleet Management Systems

It isn’t easy to oversee a fleet of vehicles—or the drivers who operate them. Your carefully planned schedules can change …

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Solution Finder: Internet Security

Every day, businesses—big and small—are hit by viruses, hacking attempts, and phishing attempts. The costs to undo the damages they …

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People standing in a warehouse hold tablet computers that run inventory management systems

Solution Finder: Inventory Management Systems

Looking for real-time inventory visibility? There are lots of inventory management systems that can help you track what you have …

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A keyboard with a yellow shopping button provides an easy way to access a business's e-commerce platforms.

Solution Finder: E-commerce Platforms

If you’re considering selling products or services online, you need an online storefront that lets shoppers find your business, compare …

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A close up of an office phone

Solution Finder: Office Phone Solutions

For many businesses, phone calls are one of the first points of contact with customers. Few spend time thinking of …

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A business owner works with one of the popular email marketing services to deliver clean, captivating emails to her audience.

Solution Finder: Email Marketing Services

Email marketing continues to be a powerful way to reach new customers, stay in front of existing customers, and convert …

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A row of desktop computers for a business

Solution Finder: Computers for Your Business

We’re all familiar with computers—most of us use them every day—but when it comes to understanding features like processing power, …

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Three people waiting in line for an interview scheduled through an applicant tracking system.

Solution Finder: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

If you employ others—and plan to make more hires as you grow and scale your business—consider an applicant tracking system …

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A dial with the label Web Traffic encourages website owners to use analytics to drive traffic.

Solution Finder: Website Analytics Programs

How is your website performing? We should all be asking this question on a regular basis, any time changes are …

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A delivery truck travels along a highway to fulfill the logistics needs of shipping services.

Solution Finder: Shipping Services

If you sell products online, shipping and logistics will be an important part of your process. Lots of businesses work …

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A person uses her phone to work through a business's appointment setting applications.

Solution Finder: Appointment Setting Applications

The best appointment scheduling app allows customers to schedule appointments with their favorite small business from their desktops or mobile …

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A person sitting at a desk holds a cup of coffee and studies his bookkeeping systems

Solution Finder: Bookkeeping Systems

Every small business needs a bookkeeping system to record its financial data and transactions. These systems can help you manage …

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A guest and a server use a restaurant point-of-sale system

Solution Finder: Restaurant Point-of-Sale Systems

Virtually every restaurant needs a table management system to collect payments and track sales. Restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems are robust …

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A customer with a shopping bag in hand returns to a store because of the loyalty program the small business has in place

Solution Finder: Business Loyalty Programs

It takes a lot to impress customers. You can offer a great setting, great prices, and a great experience, but …

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A handset for a restaurant phone system rests on a table

Solution Finder: Restaurant Phone Systems

For many restaurants, phone systems provide one of the first points of contact with their future guests. Few spend time …

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