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It isn’t easy to oversee a fleet of vehicles—or the drivers operating them.

Carefully planned schedules can change as service problems grow, problems occur, or traffic impedes the flow of your drivers’ days. You need to know where your drivers are, what’s occurring on their routes, and where you can make shifts in your schedules to complete all the work you’ve committed to taking on in a given day. Your fleet’s productivity depends on this kind of information.

Your customers appreciate this information, too. Lengthy wait windows are much easier to endure when they can see a driver is on the way to their location, and features like automatic updates can alleviate the number of calls your in-office staff is fielding on route updates, time windows, and related matters.

You may also want to understand your drivers’ behaviors and recognize problems as they occur. Many solutions offer alerts for speeding, idling, and route deviations, whether because of traffic or other concerns.

If you’re ready to invest in—or improve upon—a fleet management system, consider one of the following options.



ClearPathGPS is a best-in-class solution that offers real-time visibility to every vehicle your business operates. Its features include live traffic views, 30-second interval updates to fleet locations, virtual fencing, and access to an abundance of comprehensive reports. You can also add driver identification, fleet routing, dashcams, and other options to build a complete fleet management package that suits your business.

This solution is part of a mobile app that’s available for iPhone and Android devices, which makes managing others even easier, especially when you’re on the go yourself.

Pricing for vehicle tracking starts at around $20/vehicle per month, but you can attain real-time alerts, partner integrations, and other premium features with their pro package that starts at $25/month.

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For owners with 20 or more vehicles in operation, TruckSpy can be an excellent solution for driver tracking, dispatch, compliance, and maintenance. But what really makes the tool valuable is how it leverages data to help you plan efficient routes and provide drivers with critical information.

TruckSpy integrates some accounting systems and transport management systems to provide essential data. It also includes GPS and an intelligent camera that can help you and your team recognize problematic drive patterns and build a defense against vehicular claims made against your business.

Pricing for this solution varies by usage, but it starts at around $7/month per vehicle.

You can learn more about TruckSpy by visiting their website.



Veturilo Fleet Management

Owners overseeing contractor vehicles, facility trucks, delivery fleets, and passenger transport vehicles can benefit from Veturilo’s fleet management solution. This robust tool can help you track your fleet of vehicles, find their real-time location, attain updates on the vehicle’s status, and observe driver behaviors that undermine the safety of your team or the efficiency of their operations.

This solution is also an excellent resource for monitoring the health of your vehicles while they’re on the go. You can set up maintenance tasks and reminders for each vehicle in your fleet to ensure they’re up-to-date on service and improve their longevity for your business.

It’s also outstanding for reporting on driver behaviors that could impact your business. From Veturilo’s dashboard, you can view driver routes, unexpected detours, and driver behaviors, including instances of aggressive driving that need to be brought to your attention.

Veturilo’s prices start at around $6/vehicle per month. You can explore a demo to “try before you buy” and ensure this solution is the right choice for your business.

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