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Every day, businesses—big and small—are hit by viruses, hacking attempts, and phishing attempts. The costs to undo the damages they cause can be exorbitant. Avoid the problems, the costs, and the reputational damage they can bring on with a business internet security system.

Internet security systems aren’t a commodity. Each offers—or excludes—features your business needs for full protection. In this guide, we’ll explore three popular options and help you find a great choice for your business.


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  • Free trial available
  • $56.99 business package includes 1 device
  • Link Scanner tool searches for threats while you browse
  • Firewall protection
  • Scans downloaded files for threats
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  • Free trial available
  • $77.69 package includes up to 3 devices
  • Best malware detection
  • Lowest impact on system performance
  • Ransomware prevention and mitigation
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  • Free trial available
  • $144 business package includes up to 5 devices
  • Strong malware and overall threat protection
  • Free virus removal
  • Robust email filtering



AVG ‘s business internet security tools are perfect for small businesses. Its top-rated anti-virus solution uses AI and up-to-the-minute scans to protect you and your team from malicious emails, viruses, hackers, and malware. It’s great for protecting the files, data, and passwords that matter most to your business.

AVG has virtually all the tools you need for cybersecurity. These include safe download scans, network protections, firewalls, email server security, and link safety verifications. AVG also offers additional file server security, password protection, identity shielding, and much more with round-the-clock phone and email support.

One feature we really like is AVG’s remote access console. This allows you or your IT team to install, update, and configure the security of all your devices from a single terminal. This is a great option for businesses with remote employees and those that simply can’t spend time going computer to computer to take on this task.

AVG offers two products that may meet your needs. Its AntiVirus Business Edition starts at just under $50/device per year. Their Internet Security Business Edition includes the same features plus password and exchange protection for around $62/device per year. Plus, AVG’s solutions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can learn more about AVG by visiting their website.



Looking to stay secure on a budget? Check out Bitdefender’s solutions. With top-tier features like risk analysis and hardening, threat prevention, threat detection and response, and threat reporting, many owners and IT experts feel confident with a Bitdefender solution in place.

Besides offering excellent file, server, and data protection and unmatched attack protection, Bitdefender has lots of great features. To start, the software is easy to install, customize, run, and check. Bitdefender is also one of the few internet security systems that doesn’t feel intrusive—especially as it runs—but also as it finds and fixes problems.

Bitdefender provides three business internet security options that defend against common security threats. First is their GravityZone Business Security Solution. This is a simple, streamlined tool that’s easy to install and operate. It starts at around $26/device per year (a minimum of three devices are required). They also offer an advanced package with more robust protection against security threats. This option starts at just over $40/device per year (with a minimum of five devices). Finally, BitDefender offers an elite package with automated threat defense and systems hardening, a cloud sandbox, and fileless attack defense for around $60/device per year (with a minimum of five devices).

You can compare Bitdefender’s options by visiting their website.



Many owners are moving to ESET, a digital platform that offers great security for small and medium-sized businesses. Reasons include its fast and accurate detection of threats, low systems impact, multilayered protection, simple deployment and management, and U.S.-based technical support.

Like AVG, ESET allows owners or IT teams to set up and manage the security of all their devices from a cloud console. This feature is a must-have for businesses with dispersed teams or teams that are always on the go.

ESET offers several programs that might meet the needs of your business.  First up, their Protect Entry solution, which covers five or more devices, starts at around $240/year. However, it lacks full disk encryption, a cloud sandbox, mail security, and cloud app protection. Fortunately, you can attain some of these features with their Protect Advanced solution. This option starts at around $310/year for five or more devices. And finally, the full suite of features is available through their Protect Complete package, which costs just over $380/year for five or more devices.

You can learn more by visiting


Need help implementing a business internet security system?

Many of these systems are easy to install and support. Still, they’ll take some time and bandwidth to implement.

If you don’t have an IT team in place, you might consider working with an IT expert. Fractional IT pros can ensure the settings you select are robust enough to protect your business, or they can take on the job for you. We like working with these two firms that can dedicate hours to your business each week or month to help you with your core technology needs:


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Lightning-Fast Tech Support, Guaranteed.

From response to resolution, Electric’s support team puts the “help” back in helpdesk. 

Their team guarantees that you’ll hear back from an IT expert within 10 minutes every single time. And, while real-time support is important, Electric’s team can also help you with device management, network and server management, security and compliance, monitoring, and strategic projects. 


Check this out: For a limited time, you can save 10% on Electric’s suite of services, simply by following the link below. Restrictions may apply. Contact for details.

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Reclaim Your Workday with Managed Services.

Looking for round-the-clock access to a team of IT experts? Try Netrix. 

Their team can help you decrease system and network downtime, leverage the latest technology, increase your productivity and efficiency, and strategize for IT-backed growth and success. 

Netrix can also support your business through disaster recovery and business continuity planning and can take on your business’s security-related challenges

BroadField Technology

Your Dedicated Team for Support, Strategy, and Optimization.

BroadField Technology offers a full range of IT services and solutions that can help your business run at its best.  

With services that include concierge-style support, network and infrastructure strategy, cybersecurity, and 24/7 proactive remote monitoring, BroadField works proactively and reactively to keep your businesses’ critical systems up and running.

Want to learn more? Contact their team to build a customized plan for your business.


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