Solution Finder: Point-of-Sale Systems

Two people exchange a credit card while using point-of-sale systems

If you conduct sales at a storefront or customer’s location, you may want to consider point-of-sale (POS) systems that allows you to collect payments and track sales.

POS systems are often digital (using an app and internet-enabled device) and allow you or your associates to input a customer’s payment method from anywhere in the world. However, many owners also opt for hardware POS features, such as a bar code scanner, a cash register to tally up transaction totals, a credit card reader, and a receipt printer.

Here, we focus on the digital piece of the POS system you may need to process payments. You’ll find three standout solutions that may suit your business below.



Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify offers a point-of-sale system that enables store owners to accept and process payments on site. Many owners choose this solution because it easily integrates with Shopify storefronts and offers inventory forecasts and performance. It allows for some customization in terms of staff permissions and checkout processes so owners can include loyalty programs, information collection, and the construction of customer profiles.


Basic systems start at $29/month, but most businesses with a single storefront opt for their $79/month plan. Additional fees apply for credit card swipes and third-party payment providers.


Visit Shopify’s website to learn more about their solutions, start a free trial, and connect with their sales team.



This point-of-sale system allows business owners to collect contactless credit or debit payments from their customers. Helcim’s card reader is mobile and can be used on the go, or it can be mounted to a stand or integrated with a computer or tablet to serve as a complete point-of-sale solution.


The handheld units start at $199, and there are additional fees for unit mounts. Helcim also charges 1.92% of each transaction, plus an additional 8¢ per dip, tap, or swipe.


You can learn more about Helcim by visiting their site.



Like the other solutions mentioned, Square offers business owners the opportunity to accept credit cards, cash, gift cards, and checks at a storefront. This solution is easy to use and manage, and it provides powerful reporting and analytics that can help owners plan for future sales.


Owners of restaurants or retail shops often opt for Square for Restaurants or Square for Retail to access features tailored to businesses in those industries.


Card readers start at $49, but many owners select the Square Stand model (currently priced at $169) that requires an iPad to be purchased separately. Square charges 2.6% of every transaction plus an additional 10¢ per dip, tap, or swipe.


Learn more by visiting Square’s site.


Consider a POS system that will integrate with your preferred CRM solution. Robust systems will allow you to track what your customers buy and when, and this is important because it will help you personalize the service, support, and communications you have with every customer.

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