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A group of people sitting on the floor looking at computers

Before the Handshake: How to Vet Your Job Candidates

It isn’t easy to find great job candidates, but it’s harder still to know whether the candidates you’ve shortlisted will …

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A man is looking at his computer as he works through the retirement plan selection process.

Retirement Plan Selection: How to Find the Best Option for Your Business

Retirement plan selection a task you can't afford to get wrong. Here's why. Retirement savings plans are one of the …

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A person is try to write a great posting on a computer

Why You Should Spend Time Writing a Great Job Posting

When you post a job, you’re presenting your business to a wide pool of candidates for the very first time. …

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Employee scheduling can be a much simpler process with new digital tools.

Schedule Smarter: How to Staff Your Business to Save Costs and Minimize Stress

Employee scheduling can be a manager’s nightmare, but it’s a task that’s essential for accomplishing workflows, meeting customer demands, and …

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A person sits at a desk working on writing an employee handbook

Why You Need an Employee Handbook for Your Small Business

Your employee handbook outlines the rules and expectations you, the employer, have for your employees. This valuable resource should inform, …

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Two people use low-stress strategies can help you reduce your labor costs.

Simple Strategies to Reduce Labor Costs

Labor costs are often one of a business’s largest expenses. However, drastic cuts to these costs can inhibit your ability …

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A woman is struggling to juggle tasks because she needs to delegate her work.

Learn to Delegate Business-Critical Tasks

Many small business owners find it hard to delegate tasks, not only because their business is a product of their …

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Small Business Benefits: Your Guide to Getting Started

One of the best ways to attract and retain employees is by offering them benefits. In this article, you’ll learn …

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A manager practices strategies to motivate his employees

Motivate Your Employees with These Simple Practices

You’ve likely heard the statistics on employee engagement in the workplace. You may even have experienced struggles with rallying unengaged …

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Small business healthcare insurance forms lay on a desk ready to be completed.

Your Go-to Guide to Setting Up Healthcare Benefits

For a small business, healthcare insurance can be a key differentiator. Healthcare insurance is one of the most sought-after benefits …

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The interior of an office building

Find Your State or Territory Labor Office

If you have hired employees—or plan to do so in the near future—be sure to connect with your state or …

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A representative provides great customer service.

Improve Your Customer Service Processes

Great customer service is one of the best, most important ways to differentiate your business. When your employees are trained …

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A manager and an employee work through one of their regular performance evaluations

Best Practices for Employee Performance Evaluations

Does your business conduct employee performance evaluations? If so, your team is likely benefiting from the process. Thorough employee performance …

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An HR manager conducts exit interviews with employees

Exit Interviews Matter

Whether your employees leave by choice or force, it’s important to conduct exit interviews to examine why the separation had …

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Employee records should be kept in files

How to Create a Filing System for Your Employee Records

If your business has employees, you’re required by law to file and maintain certain records on their behalf. In this …

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A manager and an employee working through the onboarding process

Pro Tips for Better Employee Onboarding

It can be exciting to add new employees to your workforce, especially those who care about your mission and demonstrate …

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