Motivate Your Employees with These Simple Practices

Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

A manager practices strategies to motivate his employees

You’ve likely heard the statistics on employee engagement in the workplace. Or, you may have had your own struggles rallying unengaged or actively disengaged employees. If you have, this article might inspire you with new ways to motivate your employees and keep them engaged and content in their work.


How do I get started?

Recognize contributions, sacrifices, and efforts.

According to a recent study, as many as 70% of employees report their motivation and morale would improve significantly with managers and owners who regularly say “thank you.” Show your gratitude in small ways every day to communicate that your employees’ work matters to you.


Empower your employees to make decisions.

Offer autonomy so your employees can choose how they conduct their work, the pace at which they move, or the order in which they complete their tasks. These practices aren’t feasible for every business, especially those with rigid processes. Still, simple steps—such as letting your team members have a say in a key decision—can go a long way in boosting their motivation, engagement, ownership, and accountability.


Offer your trust.

Tell your employees you believe in them and that you know you can depend on them. Many employees will carry that responsibility and will commit to living up to it.


Set an assortment of goals.

Motivate your employees with weekly or monthly challenges and stretch goals to help them improve their output. Be sure they can attain the goals you set, but make sure those goals are slightly challenging. You might offer fun, simple rewards for their completion.


Help your employees find their purpose.

Your team members want to make valuable contributions, but in the midst of everyday tasks, it can be tough for them to see how they’re making a difference. Take time to help your employees connect their work to a mission that matters to you, them, and the business.


Focus on the individual.

Learn how each of your employees operates. Are they motivated by rewards? Do they want recognition? Are they looking for new challenges or promotions? Find out what matters to them. Then, incentivize them accordingly.


Looking for simple ways to reward your team?

Say “thank you” with some of these options:


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