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A person holding a tablet stands by a stack works to reduce technology downtime for a business

Take Steps to Reduce Technology Downtime

Network infrastructure downtime is sometimes unavoidable. Even the most advanced networks in the world at places like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, …

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Security cameras improve the security of a business

Site Security: How to Protect Your Business Location

Theft and vandalism are two security problems that could drive up costs for your business. There are costs to replacing …

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A person sitting at a desk plans to change his business structure

Consider Changing Your Business Structure

When you formed your business, you may have pictured what your business could become and chose a business structure that …

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An owner of a small business sits at a desk reviewing a terms and conditions document

Setting Up Terms and Conditions That Will Protect Your Small Business

Does you need terms and conditions for product use, services, your websites, or other parts of your small business operations? …

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A person holds a magnifying glass to review the terms of their vendor contract without a checklist

How to Review Vendor and Supplier Contracts

Your business may depend on numerous vendors, suppliers, and distributors who have unique policies, procedures, and practices. Before signing agreements …

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A team of people look at a computer monitor that lists the security threats facing their business.

Safeguard Your Business from Modern Security Threats

Security threats to businesses have evolved. Five years ago, network security was mostly a function to keep hardware assets operating …

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A startup lawyer meets with a small business owner.

Every Small Business Needs an Attorney. Here’s Why.

An startup lawyer can be an invaluable member of your team, especially as you work through the complex parts of …

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A life preserver floats in water, representing the importance of the protection afforded through the insurance that's needed for a small business

Small Business Basics: Insurance

Have you thought about the types of insurance that are needed to protect your small business? If your business is …

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One of a business's authorized signers prepares to sign a contract

Using Authorized Signers for Your Business

As your business grows, you may need some assistance navigating the everyday tasks of operations, including signing checks, paying bills, …

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