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Invest in Small Businesses and Be Part of Something Big

Ready to invest in businesses that make a real impact? Our direct investment service lets you invest directly in small businesses and have a say in how they’re run.

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find businesses that align with your values and investment goals. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that you’re helping to support local businesses and entrepreneurs while potentially earning a great return on your investment.

Join our community of like-minded investors today and be part of something big. Sign up now for our unique direct investment service and take control of your investments.


What makes a good passive investment?

  • Initial targets typically have a cash flow yield of 20-33%
  • Additional bolt-on acquisitions typically yield 50%
  • Possible tax savings
  • Low cost, low down payment financing available through the Small Business Administration
  • Down payments as low as 2.5%
  • Passive investors do not personally guarantee the loan
  • Access to live read-only financial data other key performance indicators
  •  Attend board meetings and give input into strategy 
  • Open line of communications with operating partner and Owner Actions

How it works


We screen out over 99% of opportunities leaving a small number of investment opportunities per year. 

Increase your chance of being chosen as an investor by providing your background and demonstrating your risk tolerance. 

STEP # 1

Make partial deposit into escrow account

Show you are committed buyer by depositing 20% of your total commitment with a 3rd party escrow agent.

You can withdrawal your funds at anytime.   

STEP # 2

Review deals

As we find suitable deals, you have the opportunity to review the business and indicate your willingness to invest in that business. 

STEP # 3

Investors are selected

Priority is given to investors with experience and contacts in the target industry.  

After considering experience and contacts, investors are chosen on a first come first serve bases. 

STEP # 4

Deposit remaining balance into escrow account

Now that we have a deal, it's time to deposit your total commitment.

STEP # 5

Complete legal and formation document

Sign all legal documents

STEP # 6

After the deal is closed

  • You will have read only access to live financial performance. 
  • You receive distributions as voted on by the board. Operator and Owner Actions can not receive a distribution unless you also receive a distribution.
  • Attend quarterly board meetings(virtual) and vote on important issues. 
STEP # 8

Growth through acquisition

A great way to grow is buy buying out smaller businesses in your industry. Smaller businesses usually sell for lower valuation multiples and are less efficiently run. 

Buying these small companies and integrating them into a large platform is one of the fastest ways to increase the value of your busienss. 

A Platform for Growth

Roll of adding machine tape

Cut Expenses

Most small businesses still run highly human intensive
processes. We automate and improve
as many functions as possible.


Long-time owners settle into a routine. We come in with
a fresh focus on using digital and traditional
marketing to drive growth

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