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Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

Looking for a collections team to help you collect on past-due accounts?

Consider these options:

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IC System

Recover Your Revenue Ethically and Effectively

For 80 years, this nationally recognized, family-owned business has been helping business owners recover their receivables and recapture the revenue they’re owed. Follow this link to connect with a recovery expert who can talk you through their programs and help you form the right strategy for your business.

Prestige Services, Inc.

No Collection, No Fee.

Prestige Services, Inc. (PSI) is a commercial collection agency that handles delinquent national and international accounts with cost-effective results. Click the button below to have a PSI team member connect with you about the award-winning services they offer and the practices they can use to help you recover your receivables.

Summit AR

A Collections Agency with a Uniquely Effective Approach

Want to work with an agency that’s serious about getting you back in the black? Choose Summit AR. Getting started is simple: Click the link below to tell a Summit specialist about your needs. Their team will apply their proven process and get to work right away to help you recover your lost revenue.


Owner Actions is in no way affiliated with these providers, and we make no warranties on services they provide, but they are providers who have excellent reputations in their field and reviews from other small business owners. Use your discretion in researching any professional you hire to support or represent your business.

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