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Pro tip: insurance rates vary over time and across carriers. Be sure to request a quote from multiple providers to find the best rate.

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Hiscox Business Insurance

Big coverage for small business

You know you need insurance, but do you know which policies or coverages you need?

Hiscox can help. Answer their 20-second questionnaire to see what types of coverage will suit your business. 

Then, enroll in the policies Hiscox offers. You’ll find options for general liability, business owners’, cyber, workers’ comp, and more. 

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Business insurance radically simple

Lots of owners turn to Embroker for quick and easy insurance solutions. 

Embroker offers insurance for a wide range of industries and startups. Coverage categories include commercial auto, umbrella, general lability, property, cyber, workers’ comp, and much more. 

Ready to build your quote? Get started here. 

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Free quotes from multiple insurance carriers

With Coverwallet, you can get an instant quote from insurance providers like Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Chubb, and Berkshire Hathaway on policies that include general liability, workers’ comp, commercial property, fiduciary liability, and more. 

Plus, you can keep track of all your policies in one place. 

Follow the link below to start building your quotes online.


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