First Mover Advantage: Why You Need to Move Quickly to Secure Owner Actions Leads

Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

Business pro is racing to be the first mover on a lead

Every day, business owners use Owner Actions to learn best practices and connect with pros who can help them succeed. It’s through this connection process that we generate leads for your business.

When our business owners request support, they provide us with information about their business and needs, and we pass that information along to you—and other members of our network.

Only the first three pros who show interest in the lead can buy it. Others miss out on the opportunity.

That’s why it’s important to move quickly.

We recommend the following steps to become a first mover on leads:

  1. Check your email. Ensure that the email address you’ve provided is one you check frequently. You can view the address we have on file by returning to your portal.
  2. Set alerts. Customize your inbox settings to ping you when an Owner Actions lead email shows up in your inbox. Here’s a resource that can help you take on this task in Google.
  3. Have your payment method ready. Save a credit card on file to speed up your purchase. Your portal will help you work through this step.


Moving quickly is important, but be sure to read the lead request thoroughly before making a purchase. This will help you avoid making lead purchases in haste that may be a poor fit for your business.


One final first-mover tip:

While it’s important to buy a great lead quickly, you should also try to connect with the business owner/lead as quickly as possible. We find that many owners go with the first pro who reaches out to them.

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