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Keys to Forming a Winning Bid

It’s not enough to be one of the three pros who purchase a customer lead. You must also get in front of that customer and present them with a proposal that can help you win their business. In this article, we’ll share some strategies that help pros like you succeed on our platform.


Reach out quickly

You don’t need to provide a proposal the moment you attain a lead. However, you should reach out to the customer through their preferred means of communication and introduce yourself and your business soon after reviewing their needs.

Use this conversation to form a friendly connection. If the customer has time, ask about their needs and specifics about their business. If they can’t devote time to that conversation in the moment, try setting up a time for an in-depth discussion that can help you shape your offering and the price you'll ask the customer to pay.


Be specific

A generic proposal will rarely win with our pool of business owners. Unless you’re very clear on what your potential customer is asking for, don’t offer a proposal without talking to them first.

Explore their needs and demonstrate that you’re interested in putting together a solution or service that suits them. Our business owners prove time and again that they want solutions that are curated for their business, and they want to work with pros who invest time into learning about them.


Do your research

In the same vein, you may want to study market factors, trends, and other forces impacting the prospect today and driving them toward your solution. Learn about the considerations that may be weighing on them. Then, fold what you learn into the solution you pitch to make your offering really resonate with that customer.


Don’t assume that low price wins

Most of the leads you access from this site will say the same thing: Price is important. However, price isn’t the only factor they’re evaluating.

You’ll find that many can be swayed by a compelling value proposition. Explain what you offer and why it matters. As business owners themselves, most will appreciate a well-reasoned bid with value-add services that offer clear benefits.

With customers who continue voicing price concerns, price may truly be their deciding factor, and value pushes may not be enough to win their business. Here, you might navigate toward a win by talking about scaled-down service offerings that meet many of their core needs.


Offer discounts at your discretion

A discount may sway the most price-sensitive leads, but savvy owners may have a different reaction. Many recognize that your prices aren’t firm and that you’re willing to flex to win new customers’ business. Those owners will ask for deeper discounts to “win” the back-and-forth.

If you’re prepared for an ongoing negotiation, you may be comfortable with this strategy. And further, offering deep discounts on a customer’s initial service with your business may be a great way to bring them into your ecosystem and then wow them with your services. However, these same customers may balk at future price increases and look elsewhere when they need additional services.

Bottom line: Use any discounting strategy thoughtfully and continue pushing your value proposition alongside your low prices.


Stay front of mind

Too often, fruitful conversations take place with customers, and then your contact person goes silent. Many become impossible to reach by phone or email, even those who were once easy to connect with.

When this occurs, keep communicating. Drip information about your business, success stories, testimonials, and articles relevant to that client’s business to keep your services front of mind and help them recognize the benefits you can bring their business over the long term.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should harass your lead. Instead, offer gentle nudges with a phone call and an email once a week until they communicate their decision to proceed or move forward with another firm’s offerings.


Pull together a polished offering

Most of your selling will occur through conversation, but you might also create a written proposal that will win your customer's business. Here are some tips to follow if you decide to go down this route:

  • Break up large sections of text to make your proposal easy to digest.
  • Use graphics and appropriate pops of color thoughtfully to keep your prospect’s eyes moving through the document.
  • Include testimonials, reviews, awards, and forms of recognition that may be meaningful to that customer.
  • Select an easy-to-read font for your document headings and a complementary font for the body, and use those fonts consistently throughout your document.
  • Make action steps easy to find and act upon.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting.


For more tips on connecting with customers and winning new business, check out our resources on growing your business.



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