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Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

Looking for an industrial designer who can help you prototype your idea and adjust it to its final form?

Consider these options:

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Spark Innovations

Bring Your Ideas to Life!

Spark Innovations’ team of designers follows a rigorous design process that has resulted in over 200 patents being issued. They start by helping you identify, examine, and validate the problem your product addresses. Then, they work alongside you to craft, design, test, and deliver a solution you can patent, package, and distribute to your customers. Want to learn more about their process? Click the button below to have a member of Spark Innovations’ team contact you.

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Brooks Stevens

Newer, Better, Sooner

For more than 80 years, Brooks Stevens has pushed new product development boundaries and helped companies reinvent their products with innovative design concepts. Because of its work, Brooks Stevens is a nationally recognized, award-winning product design and develop company that serves businesses in a wide range of industries. Interested in finding out if they can help you create, develop, or improve your designs? Follow the link below to connect with the Brooks Stevens team.

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Priority Designs

Market-Changing Products Made Real

The Priority Design team excels at taking big ideas and bringing them into the real world. They do this by working collaboratively with business owners, keeping them involved in the process, and working together to achieve what matters. Their victories depend upon great teamwork, their motivated mindset, and their drive for consistently excellent work. Is Priority Designs a good fit for you? Find out by speaking with a member of their team. You can click the button below to get started.

Owner Actions is in no way affiliated with these providers, and we make no warranties on services they provide, but they are providers who have excellent reputations in their field and reviews from other small business owners. Use your discretion in researching any professional you hire to support or represent your business.

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