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Looking for a franchise coach or consultant who can help you find franchise opportunities, understand the financing options available to you, and work through the due diligence process at no cost to you?

Consider these options:

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Spark Innovations

We Bring Your Ideas to Life

Spark Innovations may not connect you with potential manufacturers or distributors, but its team can help you prepare for those conversations. With industrial design, product development, patent, packaging, and commercialization services that have sparked the development of more than 2,600 products, Spark Innovations will set you up with everything you need for a winning presentation. Would you like to learn more about their services? Follow the link below to have a member of Spark Innovation’s team reach out to you. 

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Invention City

Honest Inventing

Starting as garage inventors themselves, the owners of Invention City has more than 25 years of experience in creating, developing, licensing, and selling inventions to Fortune 100 companies and startups that have brought more than $500 million in retail sales and tens of millions in royalties. Invention City knows every step you need to take to succeed. Interested in learning about their process? Click the button below to connect with Invention City’s team of experts.

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Trident Invents

We Help Great Ideas Win

Do you have a prototype that solves a problem or improves upon what’s available in the market today? Trident can help you get that product onto store shelves by connecting you with manufacturers and distributors. Product designers love working with Trident because it’s a contingency-based agency that works at no expense unless they secure a deal, and the Trident teams works tirelessly to succeed. Want to learn more? Follow this link to have a Trident specialist walk you through its process.

Owner Actions is in no way affiliated with these providers, and we make no warranties on services they provide, but they are providers who have excellent reputations in their field and reviews from other small business owners. Use your discretion in researching any professional you hire to support or represent your business.

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