IT outsourcing to help you reclaim your workday

With Netrix, you can spend your time focused on the core tasks of running your business—not on worrying about whether your systems are running optimally.

Netrix’s 24/7 team of experts offers a wide range of services, including helpdesk, desktop support, systems and network management, virtual CIO services, custom technology roadmaps, and proactive IT monitoring. The team can also take on your IT compliance needs, conduct vulnerability assessments, monitor for tech threats, and deploy rapid threat response.

Interested in the benefits? For many, they include decreased downtime, implementation of the latest technologies, and better productivity and efficiency across the organization.

Netrix can take on all your IT needs, often for a fraction of the cost of having an in-house team. You can also choose to co-manage your IT needs with Netrix by providing it as a resource to your current IT team to help them offload work that’s beyond their capacity.

Pricing of this service is based around your needs and the size of your organization. Talk with a Netrix pro to find a right-sized solution for your business. You can get started by completing this form.