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So much goes into managing people. Engagement, performance coaching, goal setting, and growth are just a few of the tasks on the plate of any great manager. Fortunately, 15five makes the work simple.

Small business owners like you choose 15five when they want to empower their people to do their best work, stay motivated, and embrace accountability for the work on their plates. Let’s take a look at what 15five offers and how their tools and resources might benefit your business:



With 15five’s Engage tools, you can offer your team evidence-based assessments and easy-to-use analysis features to find out what is and isn’t working in your business. Engage will connect the dots on your behalf and pinpoint the people and topics you need to focus on to create an engaged, productive culture. You can also access 15five’s in-house advising and coaching team to tailor new strategies and advise on how to roll them out to your teams.


Great performance management systems should help you access as a 360-degree view of your employees and understand what matters to them. 15five takes on this task with a robust solution that can be tailored to your company, its culture, and the HR systems you already use every day. 

Fairness matters, and with 15five, you and your managers can establish performance criteria, assign weights, and calibrate ratings to create consistency across teams. You can then use this tool to frame the performance discussions you have with your team and make effective compensation decisions.



15five wants the OKR and goal-setting process to be simple. With this in mind, they’ve created a tool to help you track the most important objectives for everyone in your company and connect you with actionable insights and planning tools that will help you chart your paths forward.

Objectives Dashboard




The Transform product is a powerful coaching tool that can help you and the managers in your organization make the shift from manager to leader. Here, you can define the outcomes you want to achieve, learn vital skills, practice new behaviors, and measure your impact.

15five also offers a rich content library, events, and training that can help you and your frontline managers take on the people and performance related challenges you face each day. The service is certainly one to check out. 


$4/month / employee
  • Core engagement survey
  • Topic-based assessments
  • Filterable heatmaps & analytics
  • Historical benchmarks
  • Action plan dashboard
  • Employee management


$8/month / employee
  • Everything from the Engage package
  • Performance reviews
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Talent matrix
  • Role clarity
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Strength discovery


$8/month / employee
  • Goal setting with OKRs
  • OKR chart view
  • Naming customization
  • Data insights
  • Employee management
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Robust integrations

Total Platform

$14/month / employee
  • Everything in Engage, Perform, and Focus packages
  • DPAs
  • Security questionnaires

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