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All-in-one phone, meetings, and messaging

What matters in a phone system? If you’re like many owners, you’ll agree that easy setup, simple customizations, flexibility in how to access calls, and options for face-to-face collaboration rank high on the list. 

GoTo Connect offers all these features to help you create smooth, fast interactions with the people you talk with every day. Plus, it’s safe and secure, virtually always up and running (with a 99.996% uptime), and supported by a 24/7 team of experts who can advise or help you troubleshoot any issue.

Need some additional features? GoTo Connect may have you covered. Whether it’s international calling, call routing, caller ID, advanced ring strategies, pre-call or wait time announcements, or voicemail-to-email, GoTo Connect offers a wealth of features to help you and your team communicate effectively every time.

GoTo Connect’s basic plans (which may not include all the features mentioned here) start at around $24/user/month. But before signing up, talk with their expert team to make sure you’re starting out with the precise features you need—nothing more, nothing less. You can set up this call and walk through a demo by filling out this form.