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serious buyers use Our seriously powerful Search assistant

With 5,000+ new listings added every month, our AI-powered tool will give you the edge. 

  • Get a first-mover advantage with daily listing recaps.
  • Access clear earnings-after-loan-payment calculations.
  • Stop sifting through listings outside your preferred search zone.
  • Get time back in your day with a one-stop source of businesses for sale.
Take your search to the next level NOW and make owning a business your reality. 

Find a business you like? We'll review it.

Need a pro’s opinion on the price, feasibility, projections, or structure? We’re game. Request our help right from the search assistant, and our team will provide a full review. Pricing ranges from $600-$1200, depending on the condition of the business’s financials. 


Frequently asked questions

What types of businesses can I find?

We scan the web for businesses of all types.

What is your cancelation policy?

You can cancel at anytime. 

How often are your listings updated?

We scrape the web every night for new listings. Each listing stays on the search assistant for 45 days.

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