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A business owner sitting at a table counts piles of money from a grant she's won

Small Business Financing 101: Small Business Grants

Too many people tell small business owners that they can’t attain grants. But the truth is that there are quite …

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An attorney sits at a desk ready to help with an acquisition.

The Right Attorney for Your Acquisition

Buying a business? It’s a must to include an attorney on your team, especially as you work through the complex …

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How to Connect with the Owner of Your Target Business

Your research, conversations with key industry players, and searches on business listing sites should help you find some high-potential businesses …

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A person with a clipboard reviews the actions they plan to take as the new owner of a business

Post-Transition: The Actions You Need to Take As the New Owner of a Business

You’ve spent months searching for a business to buy, pouring through financials, negotiating offers, and navigating financing. Now you’ve closed …

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A pile of thumbs up buttons

How to Set Up Social Media for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a local shop or an e-commerce store, establishing your business’s social media presence is vital. Now, it’s more …

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Host a grand opening event to celebrate your first day of operations.

Celebrate Opening Day for Your Franchise

Lots of work goes into starting a franchise unit, and your opening day is a milestone achievement. To celebrate, think …

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