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Hundred dollar bills stand on a table, representing the money that could be attained through small business grants

Small Business Financing 101: Small Business Grants

Some government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit groups offer grants for small businesses. A few of these help people get started …

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A person at a cash register studies her small business sales tax requirements

Understanding Small Business Sales Tax

The United States doesn’t levy a federal sales tax, but many of its states do. And within those states, various …

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A person completes forms to acquire the small business licenses that are needed to run a business

Small Business Basics: Permits and Licenses

Do you need permits or licenses to run your business? You might, depending on your line of work, location, and …

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A storefront that may be one element an owner should consider when developing a plan for financing a franchise

Your Go-to Guide to Financing the Purchase of a Franchise

Franchise fees, real estate, equipment, and inventory are some of the many costs you’ll need to cover when starting a …

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Host a grand opening event to celebrate your first day of operations.

Celebrate Opening Day for Your Franchise

Lots of work goes into starting a franchise unit, and your opening day is a milestone achievement. To celebrate, think …

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A person uses a 3D printer and creates a product prototype before starting large-scale production.

How to Create a Product Prototype

Producing a product? It’s a great idea to start with a prototype. This will help you experience it and understand …

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