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Articles That Drive Action

A person at a computer thinks about using her retirement account to fund her new franchise unit.

How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your New Franchise

There are many ways to attain the funding you need to purchase a franchise unit. But if the idea of …

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A person with a computer works through the due diligence process to buy a franchise

Considering a Franchise? Here's How to Make a Smart Call.

Thinking of owning a business? Franchises make it easy. Still, these opportunities shouldn't be pursued without some careful consideration. You'll …

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A person types on a computer keyboard to search for franchise opportunities

How to Find Franchise Opportunities That Suit Your Skills, Interests, Goals, and Budget

Many sites list franchise opportunities, making it easy for prospective owners like you to find and compare options. But, sometimes, …

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A storefront that may be one element an owner should consider when developing a plan for financing a franchise

Your Go-to Guide to Financing the Purchase of a Franchise

Franchise fees, real estate, equipment, and inventory are some of the many costs you’ll need to cover when starting a …

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Host a grand opening event to celebrate your first day of operations.

Celebrate Opening Day for Your Franchise

Lots of work goes into starting a franchise unit, and your opening day is a milestone achievement. To celebrate, think …

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A person sits on the ground outside with a computer in her lap, working as an absentee franchise owner

Can I Be a Franchise Owner Without Working Onsite?

Most franchises ask owners to work a minimum number of hours onsite each week. Many want their owners to commit …

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Attendees listen to a speaker during a franchisor training session

Franchisor Training: What to Expect

After signing your franchise agreement, you can enroll in franchisor training. This is a program your franchisor may offer to …

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A franchise unit owner works with a loan officer to obtain a loan for construction

How to Attain Financing for Franchise Construction or Renovation

There are many costs to starting a franchise unit. After the franchise fee, one of the most significant costs is …

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A person faces arrows pointing in multiple directions

Which Path to Entrepreneurship Is Right for You?

Thinking of becoming a business owner? There’s more than one way to reach this goal. In this article, we’ll help …

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Find the right fit.

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available for aspiring business owners, but it can be challenging to find the right one. Many factors weigh into the decision, and considerations, including the cost of ownership, the preferences of a local market, and the resources that a potential owner can use for startup, can easily overwhelm the savviest business professionals. 

Where should you start? Our guide to finding opportunities that suit your skills, interests, goals, and budget will point you in the right direction.

Examine the costs.

What does it cost to run a franchise unit? It's the sum of the initial franchise fee, royalty payments, advertising fees, real estate costs, signage costs, equipment costs, inventory expenses, and working capital needs. 

We can help you breakdown these costs—and learn how to cover
them— in our ultra-handy guide.

Proceed with confidence.

There is risk to buying into someone else's system. How you can ensure you're making a smart investment? The short answer is due diligence. 

You'll spend time examining the opportunity, working through the franchisor's financials, and determining whether the option you're considering can survive in your local market. This process starts with reviewing the franchise disclosure document (FDD), a 50-plus page resource that requires legal and financial expertise to fully comprehend. Our guide to the FDD will give you a solid foundation.