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Host a grand opening event to celebrate your first day of operations.

Celebrate Opening Day for Your Franchise

Lots of work goes into starting a franchise unit, and your opening day is a milestone achievement. To celebrate, think …

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A franchise broker sits at a desk in front of a computer

Who’s on Your Team: Navigating Franchise Brokers, Coaches, and Consultants

When searching for a franchise, you may come across a franchise broker, coach, or consultant who offers to help you …

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An interviewer shakes hands with an applicant while working to hire for a small business

How to Hire Employees Who Will Make Your Franchise a Success

Will your franchise succeed? The answer can depend on the people you bring on board. That’s why it’s vitally important …

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A row of storefronts that could be acquired by owners who choose to lease or buy one for their franchise site.

Lease or Buy: How to Make the Right Call for Your Franchise Location

For most franchises, location is a factor you can’t afford to get wrong. You’ll need to spend time assessing your …

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A calculator, which lays on a spread of hundred dollar bills, could help prospective franchisees calculate the costs of a term loan.

Term Loans for Franchisees

When it comes to financing a franchise opportunity, loans are one of the most common sources of capital. Many commercial …

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Two people sitting at a table read through some franchise requirements.

Studying Your Target Franchise’s Requirements

Every franchise has a set of requirements prospective owners must meet to begin the ownership process. In this article, you’ll …

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A person types on a computer keyboard to search for franchise opportunities

How to Find Franchise Opportunities That Suit Your Skills, Interests, Goals, and Budget

Many sites list franchise opportunities, making it easy for prospective owners like you to find and compare options. But, sometimes, …

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A person sits on a couch and reads a franchise disclosure document

Your Guide to Reading a Franchise Disclosure Document

When you’re evaluating a franchise for purchase, one of the documents the franchisor will share with you is the franchise …

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A modern-looking cafe sits in a great location for a restaurant: right on the corner of a popular area.

Find a Great Location for Your Restaurant

Need a great location for your restaurant? Lots of factors come into play. To start, you’ll want to be close …

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A prospective franchise unit owner considers asset-backed financing.

Asset-Backed Financing for Franchise Owners

There are many ways to finance the purchase of a franchise unit. One that few aspiring business owners consider for …

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Two prospective franchise unit owners read a franchisor financing terms document with another professional

Considering Franchisor Financing? Here’s What You Should Know.

Does the franchise you’re considering offer franchisor financing? These programs are a popular way to cover the startup costs of …

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A person sits on the ground outside with a computer in her lap, working as an absentee franchise owner

Can I Be a Franchise Owner Without Working Onsite?

Most franchises ask owners to work a minimum number of hours onsite each week. Many want their owners to commit …

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The costs of a franchise unit can be covered with an SBA loan.

Finance Your New Franchise with an SBA Loan

If you plan to buy into a franchise, you may be wondering about the SBA loan program you can use …

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A storefront that may be one element an owner should consider when developing a plan for financing a franchise

Your Go-to Guide to Financing a Franchise

Franchise fees, real estate, equipment, and inventory are some of the many costs you’ll need to cover when starting a …

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A person sitting at a desk grapples with the question, which franchise is right for me?

Assess Your Skills, Interests, and Goals Before Searching for a Franchise Opportunity

If you’re like many aspiring business owners, you know the benefits of opening and operating a franchise unit. But you …

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Attendees listen to a speaker during a franchisor training session

Franchisor Training: What to Expect

After signing your franchise agreement, you can enroll in franchisor training. This is a program your franchisor may offer to …

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A storefront that could serve as a franchise location

Location Can Be the Make or Break Factor for Your Franchise’s Success

Most franchisors provide their franchise unit owners with a territory in which they can own and operate a business. For …

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A franchise unit owner works with a loan officer to obtain a loan for construction

How to Attain Financing for Franchise Construction or Renovation

There are many costs to starting a franchise unit. After the franchise fee, one of the most significant costs is …

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A person with a computer works through the due diligence process to buy a franchise

Considering a Franchise? Here’s How to Make a Smart Call.

Thinking of owning a business? Franchises make it easy, but it’s risky to go after any opportunity without some careful …

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A person faces arrows pointing in multiple directions, representing the paths he could take to become a business owner

Which Path to Entrepreneurship Is Right for You?

Wondering how to become a business owner? There’s more than one way to reach this goal. In this article, we’ll …

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Two professionals interested in a franchise choose to partner.

Reasons You Might Need a Franchise Partner

Is a franchise partner right for you? There are a number of reasons you might say yes. Let’s dive into …

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A person uses a laptop computer to write a business plan for running a franchise.

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Franchise

When you apply for an SBA loan, a term loan, or another form of financing, you may need to present …

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A person sits at a desk in an office and works through the steps of buying a franchise

Nine Tasks to Take on Before Buying a Franchise

Thinking of buying a franchise? You aren’t alone. The number of people interested in this path is on the rise, …

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People attend a discovery day event

What is Discovery Day and How Should I Prepare?

Discovery days are an event franchisors hold to showcase the business to prospective franchise unit owners. This event provides the …

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A person sits in a office and reviews a series of franchise agreements

A Crash Course on Franchise Agreements

After reading the franchise disclosure document (FDD) and taking part in discovery day, you may be given an important document: …

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Two business partners working in an office look at franchise resale opportunities on a computer

Smart Play: Franchise Resale Opportunities

Sometimes, it’s better to buy an existing franchise unit than start a new one. The benefits of these “franchise resales” …

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Two people use a calculator to determine how much a franchise will cost

What It Costs to Buy a Franchise Unit

When you’re buying a franchise unit, cost may be one of your biggest deciding factors. It’s what will determine how …

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A person at a computer thinks about using her retirement account to fund her new franchise unit.

How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your New Franchise

There are many ways to attain the funding you need to purchase a franchise unit. But if the idea of …

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