Franchisor Training: What to Expect

Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

Attendees listen to a speaker during a franchisor training session

After signing your franchise agreement, you can enroll in franchisor training. This is a program your franchisor may offer to help you learn and use a system that’s worked for countless other owners.


What can I expect from the franchisor training program?

Often, franchisors bring a group of new franchise unit owners together for several days or a week to discuss the keys to running a successful franchise. Training can occur through virtual sessions, at the franchisor’s headquarters, or in a franchise location.

Every franchisor’s training program is unique, so the topics covered in your training will vary. However, most take on this list of topics to help new owners start strong:


Financing options

Site selection, permitting,
and design directives

Marketing requirements

Employee hiring, management, and retention strategies

Bookkeeping protocols

Supplier relations and procurement strategies

Operational requirements

Systems training

Product and/or service
package overviews



During training sessions, the franchisors provide manuals, training guides, and other resources to new owners. A great deal of training time is often spent covering these materials and answering new owners’ questions.


What happens after franchisor training?

The franchisor may send a rep to your site to help you prepare for your opening day. This person will likely assist with setup, signage, and any other work needed to get your unit up and running. Some franchise reps stay on site through the first days of operations. Some will also continue coaching and offering operational, managerial, and strategic advice far into the future.

In many cases, training opportunities continue for as long as you hold a franchise contract. That means you might take part in conference calls, one-on-one meetings, and advisory groups on a regular basis. Those training sessions will help you learn about company developments, new technologies, or newly released products or services.

You may also gain access to a franchise intranet site, newsletter, or other forms of communication. These resources will keep you up to speed on best practices, new procedures, and other topics that’ll help you run your franchise unit.


How can I access more support?

Take the initiative to build your network of support. Use the directory found in your franchise disclosure document (FDD) to reach out to other owners in your region. Look for some allies you can call upon for advice and support.

You can also use the other connectivity tools your franchise offers, including intranet forums and panels, to find and connect with owners who can provide you with fast feedback.

If you’d like more support, you may want to hire a coaching firm that specializes in franchise support. Many firms provide executive coaching, group coaching, webinars, and workshops to help you take on the day-to-day and become a better leader.


What’s next?

Once you’ve completed your training, the real work begins. You’ll select your site; hire your team; order equipment, supplies, and inventory; and prepare for opening day. We can help you with these steps and every other part of buying a franchise unit. Log into your owner’s portal for a free step-by-step guide you can use to start, manage, and grow your franchise unit.

Want to take on other tasks?

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