Buy a business that's proven its worth.

Buying a business is a complicated process. Owner Actions makes it easy. 

Create your custom, step-by-step guide to buying a business in as little as two minutes. Then, find articles that simplify every step of finding, vetting, financing, and running an established business.

What can Owner Actions help you take on?

Exploring the fundamentals.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to start with startup. Aspiring business owners are finding quicker paths to success by buying businesses that are already established and successful in their markets.

With the right tools, support, and plans for financing, you can follow suit. Our guide, The Fundamentals of Buying a Business, will help you learn what it means to buy a business, how to source opportunities, and, importantly, how to cover the costs of acquisition. 

A post-it note with the Owner Actions logo
A post-it note with the Owner Actions logo

Finding your opportunity.

Once you explore the benefits and risks of buying a business and determining which kinds of operations suit your interests and goals, you can begin searching for businesses for sale that meet your criteria. 

Brokerage and business listing sites can be immensely helpful, but other tactics, including connecting with vendors, distributors, and other affiliated with your target industry, can also help you find leads on excellent opportunities. We can guide you through both strategies. 

Negotiating the terms.

Have you found a business that interests you? Great. Now you’ll pour through its financials, risks, and operational details and determine how much you’re willing to spend to take it on in its current state. Your offer may trigger a series of negotiations. It’s important that you’re ready for this step.

In our guide to negotiation a business acquisition, we share 14 strategies that can help you know when to hold firm, when to cede wins, and what to do to maximize the odds your offer will be accepted.

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"Buying a business is one of the most sought-out paths to ownership, but it's also one that owners have the most questions about. We're here to provide real, expert answers and guidance through every step of the process."
Mark Fleming
Mark Fleming
Co-founder and CEO of Owner Actions

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