Let's get your business started.

What’s standing between you and the start of your new business? Zillions of tasks, including registering your business in your state, deciding on an operating structure, and finding the right location. In your Owner Actions portal, you’ll find a step-by-step guide that’s tailored to your business and articles and resources that will simplify the startup process.

What can Owner Actions help you take on?

Finding your great idea.

Businesses are built on ideas. Those that stand the test of time evolve from a clear concept to a developed plan with clear, purposeful objectives. 

Do you know what you’re going to offer? Have you thought about how you’ll bring your idea to market? What about defining who you want to serve? Those points, and more, are essential for your success.  Let us help you work through them.

A post-it note with the Owner Actions logo
A post-it note with the Owner Actions logo

Organizing your business.

Have you given thought to whether you should set up a sole proprietorship, a limited liability corporation, a C-corp, or an S-corp? Each has advantages—and disadvantages—that you should consider carefully before making your selection. 

Worried about making the wrong choice? We can help you through your assessment. Check out our guide to choosing a business structure and gain the confidence you need to press forward.

Setting up financing.

Startup costs can be high, but self-funding your dream isn’t your only option. In fact, there are many ways to raise the capital you need to secure a site, buy equipment, purchase inventory, and hire the employees you need for Day 1 of operations. 

Interested in learning more? Our Go-to Guide to Raising Capital for Your Startup has you covered.

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"Some cities require business owners to complete 60 or more steps to set up shop. These don't include steps for hiring, setting up accounting systems, creating processes, or securing a location. Our free action plans help owners stay organized as they work through the tasks on their plates."
Mark Fleming
Mark Fleming
Co-founder and CEO of Owner Actions

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