Small Business Basics: How to Set Up Email Addresses for Your Small Business

Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

Co-founder and COO of Owner Actions

It's easy to set up email addresses that suit your small business.

Every small business needs an email address to communicate with customers, vendors, distributors, and employees. Many need multiple addresses, not only for each member of their teams but also for the various tasks they take on. In this article, we explain some of the addresses you may want to set up for your business and the process for getting started.


Which email addresses do I need for my business?

Plan to set up some or all of the following email addresses for your business:



Set up this format of addresses for every person you employ so they can send and receive messages relevant to their work.

If your business is small, consider using only your employees’ first names with the format <<firstname>>@<<>>. This format can help foster familiarity among your team and with your customers, which is important for cultivating relationships.

For an employee named Arli Smith, an email address would appear in the following way:

You could also use these formats to create personalized mailboxes:

  • <<firstinitiallastname>>@<<yourbusiness>>.com (
  • <<fullname>>@<<yourbusiness>>.com (
  • <<firstname.lastname>>@<<yourbusiness>>.com (



This address could be the one you use on your website on marketing materials as a catchall for questions and general inquiries about your business.



An alternate to info@<<yourbusiness>>.com, this address feels a bit friendlier. Consider using it to receive questions and inquiries that may be directed to your customer service team.



This address could be used exclusively for billing inquiries and payment processing.



If your business creates or delivers products, consider using this address to receive service requests, parts inquiries, and warranty questions.



Use this address to take on the website, database, or systems issues your customers or prospects face. If you have a dedicated IT team, you could also provide this address to your employees to request help on the computer or systems issues they face.



This address could be published in your job postings and field inquiries about openings.



If your business experiences a high level of turnover, you may want to create some generic email addresses to ensure no email goes unseen. Here are some ideas for addresses that might work for your business:

  • scheduling@<<yourbusiness>>.com
  • manufacturing@<<yourbusiness>>.com
  • warehouse@<<yourbusiness>>.com
  • editor@<<yourbusiness>>.com
  • reception@<<yourbusiness>>.com


You can set up any number of inboxes to suit your specific needs. Choose the options that work best for your business today. Then, add more as new needs arise.


How do I set up email addresses for my business?

It’s ideal to set up email addresses that use your domain name rather than the name of the email provider. You can create email addresses that are @<<yourbusiness>>.com through the following sites:


Who can help me set up email addresses for my business?

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